US Real Estate Insights: Fall 2015


Download: US Real Estate Insights: Fall 2015

This issue includes articles that cover how technology is disrupting the real estate landscape, as well as trends that are driving public to private REIT transactions.

Additionally, as uncertainty looms over public equity markets, the difference in valuation between public and private real estate holdings has continued to expand. As a result, recent headlines have highlighted numerous transactions where public REITs are taken private. In “Capital flows and robust fundamentals drive disconnect between public and private market pricing and going private acquisition activity,” Tim Bodner discusses trends that are driving these transactions, structures of common transactions, and considerations for any company that is contemplating such a transaction. 

This publication provides our perspective on the latest market and economic trends, regulatory activities and legislative changes affecting the real estate industry, as well as informed views of the most current developments in operations, business strategy, taxation, compliance and financing.

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