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PwC’s 2013 Investor Survey

9/25/13 | PwC Investor Resource Institute
  • Webcast
    Statutory Accounting Update - PDP Live Webcast Series - April 30, 2014

    In this webcast, Jean Connolly will summarize the recent developments of the short and long-term projects of the NAIC with a focus on decisions reached at the 2014 NAIC Spring National Meeting (March 29- April 1). The webcast will also highlight the activities of some of the committees, task forces and working groups of the NAIC.

  • The art of letting go: Middle- and back-office right-sourcing options for insurance investment management

    3/31/14 | Financial Services Institute

    Insurers can transform their investment management middle- and back-office functions to gain a competitive advantage. Which right-sourcing approach will work for you?

  • Webcast
    PwC Cash Investment Survey Results Webcast – March 6, 2014

    Advisory services

    Join us on Thursday, March 6 at 2:00 pm EDT, as we reveal the results from the PwC Cash Investment Survey. The survey was designed to identify leading practices in corporate investment management and provide value-added insight that treasury and finance professionals can apply within their own organizations.

  • Valuation multiples and purchase allocation trends

    2/27/14 | Transaction services

    What are the latest comparable statistics for mergers and acquisitions and active trades in the financial services industry? Check out PwC's quarterly valuation summaries for the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors. Insights include: trends in market multiples, related transactions, and transaction benchmarking analysis.

  • Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World

    2/18/14 | Asset management

    How will the asset management industry’s operating landscape change by 2020, and how can asset managers prepare for the challenges ahead and turn them into competitive advantages? PwC's Asset Management 2020 poses these questions and offers a perspective on how they might be answered.

  • Webcast
    PwC's Investor Resource Institute megatrends webcast - February 6, 2014

    PwC Investor Resource Institute

    PwC's Investor Resource Institute invites you to join us for a webcast on Thursday, February 6 from 3:00 - 4:00pm ET. During this webcast we will be discussing five megatrends that we see shaping the global business environment, and the implications of these macroeconomic forces may have on corporate strategies.

  • Setting the standard
    Setting the standard - January 2014

    1/9/14 | Assurance services

    Welcome to the latest edition of "Setting the standard." It includes the latest updates on the standard-setting activities of the FASB and IASB. Learn more inside.

  • The next generation of ETFs: Why every asset manager needs an ETF Strategy

    11/14/13 | Asset management

    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have enjoyed two decades of explosive growth. Evolving and proliferating as they attracted new users, ETFs went from a single vehicle providing exposure to large cap US equities to thousands of products representing a dizzying range of asset classes and strategies. As ETFs reshape their environment all over again, asset managers and intermediaries alike will want to have strategies in place to deal with the changes sweeping across the competitive landscape.

  • How global tax reforms might impact ETF efficiency: A look at the implications for ETF strategy and structuring

    11/14/13 | Asset management

    Due to their low costs and potentially greater tax efficiency, ETFs offer a very efficient return to investors. ETFs’ tax advantages have contributed to their strong competitive position and growth. But a rapidly changing tax environment will present challenges as governments around the globe seek to bridge budget deficits. By staying on top of these changes, sponsors can mitigate adverse effects while remaining compliant with changing global tax laws.

  • ETFs: How innovators and regulators are shaping growth in the Asset Management industry

    10/28/13 | Asset management

    As Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) enter their next phase of growth, much rests on the actions of the regulators. Innovation created ETFs and equipped them to achieve success through flexible, inexpensive and tax-efficient tracking of broad-based market indices. While growth in ETFs is set to continue, the pace of expansion likely will be impacted by regulations.

  • PwC Mutual Fund Directors Roundtable: 2013 highlights

    10/28/13 | Asset management

    Professionals from PwC’s Asset Management practice and directors from the boards of some of the nation’s leading mutual fund groups gathered for informal discussions of the industry’s key issues and significant challenges. These talks generated important insights into what directors are thinking about in today’s evolving marketplace regarding valuation, risk management, board effectiveness, and other key issues.

  • Webcast
    PDP Live Webcast Series: Update on GIPS and Performance Measurement Reporting - October 30, 2013

    The presenters discuss perspectives on the current regulatory and global investment landscape as it relates to performance reporting, as well as insight on practical implementation of the most recent and proposed changes to the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS).

  • PwC’s 2013 Investor Survey

    9/25/13 | PwC Investor Resource Institute

    What most concerns investors? What do investors expect of corporate directors? How do investors view the current quality of corporate disclosures? We asked investors about these issues, and the message received is clear: Investors want to know more about the risks that companies have identified, and how they are managing them. And investors are looking for more information.

  • Setting the standard
    Setting the standard - September 2013

    9/25/13 | Assurance services

    Welcome to the latest edition of Setting the standard. It includes the latest updates on the standard-setting activities of the FASB and IASB. Learn more inside.

  • The Connected Advisor: The Rise of Digital and Social Advice in Wealth Management

    9/3/13 | Asset management

    This paper examines the four forces of change that are shaping wealth management - shifting demographics, changing client behaviors and expectations, rising technological innovations and emerging disruptive competition.

  • Current developments for mutual fund audit committees - June 30, 2013

    8/16/13 | Asset management

    This edition of PwC's Current Developments for Mutual Fund Audit Committees covers insider trading and the risks to registered funds, SEC scrutiny of mutual fund distribution and marketing fees, and valuation.

  • Money market funds: The SEC’s long awaited proposal

    8/6/13 | Financial services regulatory practice

    The SEC recently issued a proposed rule that would fundamentally alter money market fund regulation and disclosure.

  • Asset managers: SEC and European regulators agree to share information and cooperate on oversight

    7/24/13 | Financial services regulatory practice

    The SEC and the European Securities and Markets Authority finalized a supervisory cooperation agreement on July 18th to allow regulators to share supervisory information about investment advisers doing business internationally.

  • Derivatives: CFTC finalizes cross border guidance and extends timeframe for conformance – July 12th deadline met

    7/24/13 | Financial services regulatory practice

    The Commodity Futures Trading Commission continued its progress this week toward a scheme for regulating global swap transactions.

  • The overhaul of lease accounting: Catalyst for change in corporate real estate

    7/19/13 | Real estate

    This PwC publication outlines financial reporting, economic, tax and regulatory issues which commercial real estate may face with the proposed new lease accounting model.

  • Dataline / In depth
    Dataline: Responses are in on the FASB and IASB's financial instruments classification and measurement proposals (No. 2013-15)

    7/1/13 | Assurance services

    This Dataline provides a high-level summary of the of the comments received on the board's respective proposals.

  • Dataline / In depth
    Dataline: Investment companies – FASB modifies definition of an "investment company" (No. 2013-14)

    6/25/13 | Assurance services

    On June 7, 2013, the FASB issued amendments to ASC 946 that modify the definition of an investment company under US GAAP. This Dataline looks at the key aspects of the new guidance and shares our insights on applying it.

  • In brief
    In brief: FASB issues final standard on investment companies (No. 2013-30)

    6/11/13 | Assurance services

    On June 7, 2013, the FASB issued amendments to ASC 946 that modify the definition of an investment company under US GAAP. This In brief article provides an overview of the new guidance.

  • Strategic Imperatives for Asset Managers

    5/21/13 | Asset management

    This paper presents a thematic introduction to the issues the asset management industry is facing, the key implications to asset managers, and the questions firms should be asking to best adapt their strategies and take advantage of these new and emerging industry demands.

  • Segment footnote disclosures (Insights from the investment community)

    2/28/13 | PwC Investor Resource Institute

    US accounting standards require public companies to disclose, in their financial statement footnotes, segment data based on the “management approach,” under which investors are provided with a view of the business through the eyes of management. Read more in this edition of Insights from the investment community.

  • Demystifying the audit

    2/20/13 | PwC Investor Resource Institute

    This Insights for the Investment Community explains what the auditor does, what the auditor does not do, and how to better understand the audit opinion.

  • Dataline / In depth
    Dataline: Financial instruments classification and measurement - An update on the FASB's tentative approach to be exposed in Q1 2013 (No. 2012-21)

    12/7/12 | Assurance services

    Classification and measurement is an important part of the FASB and IASB’s joint project on financial instruments. This Dataline provides a summary of the boards' decisions that is based on the project summaries posted on their websites, our observations of their meetings, and our understanding of their intent.

  • Podcast
    Podcast: Balance sheet offsetting disclosures

    Asset management

    In this podcast, a PwC Assurance senior manager summarizes the disclosure requirements under Accounting Standards Update 2011-11, Disclosures about Offsetting Assets and Liabilities (ASU 2011-11).

  • PwC comment letter (FASB)
    PwC Comments on Proposed ASU: Financial Services - Investment Companies (Topic 946)

    2/16/12 | Assurance services

    PwC is concerned about the significant differences between the Boards' respective proposals. For example, the Boards' differ in their proposed treatment of a controlling financial interest in an investment company held by a non-investment company parent. PwC believes that such significant differences should be eliminated in order to achieve a truly converged standard.

  • PwC comment letter (FASB)
    PwC Comments on Proposed ASU, Real Estate - Investment Property Entities (Topic 973)

    2/16/12 | Assurance services

    PwC does not believe that measuring all real estate investments at fair value will necessarily yield better reporting for all types of investors. However, we do believe that fair value for entities that are fundamentally investing entities, as opposed to operating entities, would provide more relevant information to users of financial statements. Further, even among investing entities that account for their real estate investments at fair value, significant diversity in application exists with respect to presentation, measurement, consolidation and disclosure.

  • Dataline / In depth
    Dataline (Supplement): Revenue from contracts with customers - Asset management industry (No. 2011-35)

    11/22/11 | Assurance services

    The FASB and IASB released an updated exposure draft, Revenue from Contract with Customers, on November 14, 2011, and are requesting comments by March 13, 2012. In Dataline 2011-35, we share our analysis of and insight on the overall proposal. This industry supplement to Dataline 2011-35 provides specific examples and assessments of the potential affect of the updated proposal on the asset management industry.