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  • PwC’s Q1 IPO Watch Finds IPOs Continue to Dominate the Capital Markets as Activity More than Doubles Compared to Q1 2013

    4/2/14 | Transaction services

    The robust market for initial public offerings (IPOs) continued in the first quarter of 2014, and momentum is expected to remain strong into the second quarter, according to IPO Watch, a quarterly survey of IPOs listed on U.S. stock exchanges by PwC US.

  • Acquiring Innovation: Strategic deal-making to create value through M&A

    4/2/14 | Transaction services

    M&A in pursuit of innovation is a high-potential source of growth. That's what we learned in a survey of tech companies, where 76 percent of innovation-focused acquisitions met or exceeded expectations. Led by the right inorganic growth strategy and accompanied by a holistic approach to deal execution, business leaders in all industry sectors can apply key lessons learned from innovation-intensive industry sectors to their own business and accelerate growth. Read to explore the key success factors in acquiring innovation.

  • Game on: Private Equity Investment in Africa

    4/2/14 | Transaction services

    Over the past several years, interest in Africa as a destination for investment has been growing at a steady clip. Private equity was the first to make serious inroads into this heterogeneous continent of 54 countries. More recently, multinational corporations and a variety of other investors have entered the fray.

  • M&A Integration: Looking beyond the here and now. PwC’s 2014 M&A Integration Survey Report

    4/1/14 | Transaction services

    In 2008 and 2011, our tri-annual M&A Integration survey reports underscored the need for early planning and an accelerated transition as critical factors for successful integration.
    This 2014 survey report confirms these factors remain in today’s deals, and offers additional insights – showing that while early planning and rapid transition remain important, the commitment to integration completion over the long-term can be the deciding factor for deal success.

  • US health services deals insights: analysis and trends in US health services activity 2013 and 2014 outlook

    3/24/14 | Transaction services

    In 2013, the most notable deal activity was in the hospital sector. While hospital deal volume was down, hospital deal value increased from $1.9 billion in 2012 to $18.6 billion in 2013.

  • Webcast
    Deals Webcast: Embracing Shareholder Activism: Strategy through Tactical Execution - March 31, 2014

    3/4/14 | Transaction services

    In this webcast we will discuss the strategic approaches and practical/transformative actions that companies can undertake to embrace shareholder activism and enhance strategic alignment and execution.

  • Valuation multiples and purchase allocation trends

    2/27/14 | Transaction services

    What are the latest comparable statistics for mergers and acquisitions and active trades in the financial services industry? Check out PwC's quarterly valuation summaries for the Banking, Insurance and Asset Management sectors. Insights include: trends in market multiples, related transactions, and transaction benchmarking analysis.

  • US technology deal insights - Analysis and trends in US technology M&A activity 2014

    2/24/14 | Transaction services

    After a 2012 filled with uncertainties, 2013 witnessed a slow rebuilding of confidence and, perhaps, the charting of a path toward growth. After a first half that saw quarterly technology deal volume drop, optimism took hold with a doubling of activity in the second half. In the end, technology deal activity finished the year 18% lower, amidst IT spending growth of less than 1%. Equity markets and IPO pricings sounded a consistently contrarian note, soaring to long-forgotten highs. These leading indicators of spending and deal growth provide promise for 2014.

  • Operational controllership: The quiet evolution

    2/20/14 | Transaction services

    Today the landscape is changing, as the operational controllership function is less about technical accounting and financial reporting support (handled by specialist technical teams) and more about creating value for the company while managing risk. The operational controller roles across the companies have evolved into new focus areas, such as reducing legal entities or improving shared services or working proactively with deal and commercial teams—all designed to drive more simplifica­tion, standardization, cost savings or revenue growth.

  • 2013 US Capital Markets watch - analysis and trends

    2/12/14 | Transaction services

    Welcome to PwC’s inaugural 2013 US Capital Markets Watch. Reflecting the integrated nature of capital markets, we have broadened the discussion beyond Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) to include the equity follow-on market, the convertible market, debt markets, and spin-offs.

  • PwC’s Q4 IPO Watch Finds 2013 IPO Volume Hits Highest Level in Six Years

    12/19/13 | Transaction services

    Strong demand for initial public offerings (IPOs) continued in the fourth quarter of 2013, capping a robust year for the capital markets and setting the stage for continued growth in the new year, according to IPO Watch, a quarterly survey of IPOs listed on U.S. stock exchanges by PwC US. Total IPO volume for 2013, as of December 17, reached 237 public company debuts, easily surpassing overall volume of 146 IPOs in 2012 and representing the most active environment for newly listed companies since 2007.

  • Webcast
    Not your father's Africa: doing successful deals in a new frontier webcast - January 29, 2014

    12/12/13 | Transaction services

    In this webcast we will discuss the factors at play in Africa today that are providing significant opportunity for investment, and how deals are getting done.

  • Q3 2013 US health services deals insights

    11/25/13 | Transaction services

    The third quarter of 2013 realized a slight uptick over the prior two quarters in the volume of healthcare services deals with 138 total transactions. However, the value of the dealsannounced in Q3 2013, $15.8 billion, was up 35% over the second quarter. In both volume and value, the year-to-date period for 2013 continues to lag the same period in 2012 with volume down 4.6% and value down 25%.

  • Webcast
    Year-End M&A Outlook for 2014 webcast - December 16, 2013

    11/21/13 | Transaction services

    In this webcast learn the current state of play in the US, the trends impacting dealmaking, what we envision the deal market could look like in 2014, and how to successfully execute your M&A strategy.

  • US retail & consumer deals insights: Q3 2013 update

    11/6/13 | Transaction services

    Deal activity rebounded from Q2 as Q3 included six of the top ten corporate deals year-to-date and several large private equity deals. Consumer sentiment and retail sales trends weakened and suggest R&C companies will face an increasingly challenged environment through year-end. The deal environment remains challenging, given the lack of availability of quality assets for sale and a mismatch in buyer and seller expectations around price.

  • US Technology deals insights: Q3 2013

    10/25/13 | Transaction services

    Technology deals accelerated in the third quarter returning to historically high levels with deal volume doubling from the previous quarter, according to PwC’s US Q3 technology M&A Insights report released today. Private equity (PE) buyers continued to take an active role in technology M&A with increased deal closures and numerous new deals announced.

  • Webcast
    Companies in distress: Managing the challenges – November 19, 2013

    10/21/13 | Transaction services

    In this webcast focused on companies in moments of distress, we’ll provide an overview of the typical cycle of a distressed company, including the leading indicators, actions management can take to turn the business around and prevent a bankruptcy filing and how a turnaround advisor can help. We will also focus on thoughts and ideas that may maximize a business’ opportunity while in bankruptcy.

  • IPO Market Momentum Breaks Full Year 2012 Totals, According to PwC’s Q3 IPO Watch

    10/2/13 | Transaction services

    The capital markets continued to demonstrate strong momentum in the third quarter of 2013 as the volume of new public listings matched the previous quarter, and exceeded the third quarter of 2012, according to IPO Watch, a quarterly survey of IPOs listed on U.S. stock exchanges by PwC US.

  • Webcast
    Deals webcast series: Integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues in deals and valuing their impact - October 22, 2013

    9/30/13 | Transaction services

    Investors are increasingly taking environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into consideration when assessing the value of a company. However, most executives are unsure how to truly unlock this value and the impact it can have on essential reporting and IPO sale prices.

  • To lock or not to lock: An introduction to the Locked Box closing mechanism

    9/12/13 | Transaction services

    Deal closings can be lengthy and difficult processes with many facets to consider. The Locked Box mechanism negates the need for preparing and reviewing the final price adjustments post closing. Pricing deals this way allows the buyer/seller to put resources into other aspects of the deal.

  • R&D integration

    9/12/13 | Transaction services

    Managing an R&D organization is both an art and a science with many unique considerations required for integration planning. While the R&D organization is an important source of value, broader transformational opportunities for new product development should also be evaluated to maximize value.

  • Q2 2013 US Health Services Deals Insights

    8/20/13 | Transaction services

    Q2 2013 continues the trends started in late 2012 and in Q1 2013 with both financial and strategic buyers exhibiting cautious behaviors across all sectors. Through Q2 2013, health services deal volume has increased 3.9% from 127 deals in Q1 2013 to 132 deals in Q2 2013. The value of these transactions has also increased 151% across the same periods.

  • US retail & consumer deals insights: Q2 2013 update

    8/8/13 | Transaction services

    Despite a lull in deal activity during Q2, M&A fundamentals remain strong with corporate cash availability, a favorable debt environment and continued private equity sponsor interest. Retail remains attractive for investment, particularly as businesses seek greater effi ciencies with scale as well as international expansion. Private equity activity in retail remained strong, comprising two of the top deals during the quarter.

  • People Integration

    8/6/13 | Transaction services

    The people aspects of integration cannot be managed in a silo apart from the rest of the effort. Aligning human capital with the integration strategy is a critical success factor for delivering deal value.

  • M&A Communications: Commuting to engage and motivate people

    8/6/13 | Transaction services

    The need for effective communication is often overlooked or underestimated in the flurry of activity surrounding a deal. Executing a strong and clear communication strategy is critical to successful integration. Dealmakers have a choice; they can communicate honestly and transparently to manage speculation surrounding the transaction, or they can ignore the speculation and watch it turn into fear and confusion.

  • US Technology M&A insights: Q2 2013

    8/5/13 | Transaction services

    While closed technology transactions in the second quarter declined both sequentially and year-over-year, the rise in announced and rumored deals point to a rise in merger and acquisition activity for the remainder of the year. Private equity (PE) buyers took a more active role in technology M&A with deals announced across the spectrum of deal size, including some of the largest transactions announced so far this year.

  • Navigating divestiture challenges: Considerations unique to the power and utilities industry

    7/11/13 | Transaction services

    Financial information is a linchpin to understanding deal value. While deal financials are critical, other financial data often needs to be front and center in divestiture planning. Preparing for a divestiture with these needs in mind can better position sellers for success.

  • IPO Activity Surges in Second Quarter 2013

    7/2/13 | Transaction services

    IPO activity surged in the second quarter of 2013, as the volume of new public listings far exceeded the previous quarter, as well as the second quarter of 2012, according to IPO Watch, a quarterly survey of IPOs listed on U.S. stock exchanges by PwC US.

  • Facilities Integration: Leveraging facilities for deal success

    6/27/13 | Transaction services

    Good facilities integration looks beyond the usual cost saving opportunities. The impact facilities consolidations and workplace changes can have on employee culture and productivity should not be underestimated. Decisions to outsource or centralize operations should be considered prior to adopting a facilities consolidation plan.

  • Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Deals Insights Quarterly

    5/20/13 | Transaction services

    Merger and acquisition deal value in the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector increased in the first quarter of 2013 relative to the first quarter of 2012. The pharmaceutical segment recorded the largest gains in deal value during the quarter on the strength of several large transactions.

  • US Technology M&A insights: Q1 2013

    5/1/13 | Transaction services

    While the first quarter of 2013 saw technology M&A drop precipitously, the foundation is being laid for more robust deal activity this year as political and economic uncertainties subside. Software M&A was the sole bright spot in the industry for the first quarter driven by companies across industries investing in software-driven functionality and automation in products and services.

  • How revised M&A accounting standards are impacting deals

    8/10/12 | Transaction services

    Accounting for mergers and acquisitions has always been complex—and since a new standard changed the way companies account for and report deals, that endeavor has become even more involved. PwC comments.

  • Preparing carve-out financial statements - Navigating the financial reporting challenges

    2/16/12 | Transaction services

    Preparing carve-out financial statements can be a challenge. The need for data and numerous judgments can be a struggle, especially given scant guidance. Substantial care must be taken to confirm that all of the assets and liabilities of the separate business have been properly identified and that all relevant costs of doing business have been reflected in the carve-out financial statements. With the limited specific guidance covering carve-out financial statements, being aware of current practice will help sellers navigate the divestiture process.

  • Podcast
    Podcast: M&A in China

    7/20/11 | Transaction services

    M&A in China is booming - both inbound and outbound deals. In this PwC podcast, listen to Alan Chu, China Business Services Leader (US), Curt Moldenhauer, Transaction Services partner (Shanghai) and Malcolm MacDonald, Transaction Services partner (Beijing) discuss some of the opportunities and challenges they see their clients facing, and more importantly, how to navigate around the issues associated with doing deals with China.