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The PwC risk assurance practice focuses on the details of company risk. Specifically, it looks at processes, policies, systems and controls with a fresh eye as well as business processes, regulation, IT and other projects, internal audit, data integrity, and the third parties you work with.

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  • Managing the Shadow Cloud - Integrating cloud governance into your existing compliance program

    9/10/14 | Risk Assurance

    The world of computing has changed, and executives have begun to realize that shadow cloud activity cannot be ignored. At the same time, realizing the benefits of the cloud with more confidence about the risks and rewards depends on knowing how to prudently say “yes” to the cloud.

  • EU Data Protection Reform The challenges and benefits of compliance for businesses

    7/31/14 | Risk Assurance

    The passage of the General Data Protection Regulation that is proceeding through the European legislature is likely to raise significant challenges in regard to data protection compliance for all businesses that operate or provide goods and services within the European Union. With passage likely, proactive companies are taking steps today that will help them prepare to comply with future requirements.

  • Deeper insights for greater strategic value: Oracle Advanced Controls (GRC) Study

    6/2/14 | Risk Assurance

    GRC Technology has become an increasingly critical factor for driving value (i.e., recovering profitability, increasing efficiency, detecting fraud, etc.) and automating manual compliance and risk management activity in the enterprise. Organizations have increased their adoption of Oracle Advanced Control (“AC”) to improve the oversight of corporate governance, including financial reporting compliance, enterprise risk management (ERM), and related audits. To better understand organizations’ awareness and how organizations are using (or considering using) Advanced Controls technology to drive value in an enterprise, PwC conducted an Oracle Advanced Controls study.

  • Webcast
    Business Continuity Management Insights Survey Results Webcast - May 22, 2014

    5/5/14 | Risk Assurance

    On this webcast we will share the results of PwC’s Business Continuity Management Insights Survey, "Business Continuity Beyond Company Walls". A PwC panel of business continuity and vendor risk management leaders will discuss the survey results and provide insight into how companies can gain, manage and integrate vendor resiliency as part of their resiliency and recovery program.

  • Webcast
    Cloud webcast hosted by PwC Cloud Assurance & Skyhigh Networks - May 19, 2014

    5/5/14 | Risk Assurance

    The use of cloud is strategic – it drives business agility and employee productivity. At the same time, organizations are concerned about the risks arising from utilizing cloud based services, but the drive to the cloud is accelerating. Please join PwC’s Cloud Assurance team along with CEO and Co-Founder of Skyhigh Networks, Rajiv Gupta, for this webcast.

  • Webcast
    Data Protection & Privacy: Building customer trust through data privacy webcast - May 8, 2014

    4/8/14 | Risk Assurance

    PwC's Risk Assurance Data Protection & Privacy practice invites you to attend our upcoming webcast. Data privacy is an urgent issue for both consumers and businesses. This webcast will focus on the following topics to help companies enhance their processes and build customer trust: (1) Elevating privacy to the board level, (2) Establishing privacy as a business differentiator, (3) Developing strategies for an effective privacy program, and (4) Responding to incidents and leveraging the lessons learned.

  • 2014 State of the Internal Audit Profession Study

    4/2/14 | Risk Assurance

    Our annual State of the Internal Audit Profession, which includes responses from more than 1,900 chief audit executives (CAEs), internal audit managers, members of senior management, and board members, representing 24 industries and 37 countries, provided substantial insight into how internal audit is performing and the steps individual functions are taking to increase their contribution to their respective organizations.

  • The Internal Audit Analytics Conundrum—Finding your path through data

    1/21/14 | Risk Assurance

    Business development during recent decades has involved extensive use of technology designed to drive business competitiveness and expand new business horizons. Integrating data analytics into your Internal Audit approach can help you achieve your audit objectives in a more reliable and cost-effective way. This white paper highlights what Internal Audit can be doing to help utilize analytics across their audit plan.

  • Webcast
    Aligning your GRC solution with the revised COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework webcast - January 28, 2014

    12/19/13 | Risk Assurance

    PwC's Risk Assurance Group invites you to attend this webcast to learn how to improve the alignment of your GRC Solution to the updated COSO Internal Control Framework.

  • 10Minutes
    10Minutes on service provider transparency

    12/10/13 | Risk Assurance

    Businesses depend on service providers to handle confidential data, run essential business processes, and manage critical technology. This can leave businesses vulnerable to service provider breakdowns. The result can be the providers’ clients violating regulations and even losing customer trust. Yet many businesses may know less than they realize about their service providers’ controls. This 10Minutes discusses how SOC 2 and SOC 3 reports can give businesses the picture they need to have solid confidence in their service providers.

  • Avoiding the drift: Optimizing and maintaining AML surveillance programs

    10/28/13 | Risk Assurance

    Faced with new requirements, financial sector companies have increased their investment in anti-money laundering (AML) compliance efforts. Avoiding the inadvertent process of noncompliance, “AML drift”, is the key to a successful surveillance program. This whitepaper provides methods and techniques to help companies optimize their AML compliance program and protect themselves from regulatory impact.

  • 10Minutes
    10Minutes on why the COSO Update deserves your attention

    5/14/13 | Risk Assurance

    COSO has published a PwC-authored update to its framework, the first in over 20 years, which gives you an opportunity to refresh your controls for today's environment.