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The PwC public sector research centre provides insights and research into best practice in government and the public sector, including the interface between the public and private sectors.

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  • State-owned enterprises: Catalysts for public value creation?

    6/8/15 | Public Sector Research Centre

    This report addresses the key questions which we believe are essential for a robust discussion around the active ownership and management of state-owned enterprises.

  • The Data Act: A Revolution in Government Technology

    3/13/15 | Public Sector Research Centre

    The DATA Act amends and augments FFATA in order to increase accountability, transparency, accessibility, quality, and standardization in federal spending data. Under the law, each federal agency will report financial and payment information in accordance with government-wide financial data standards, developed and issued by Treasury and OMB. The wide array of reports and data compilations related to spending that currently exist – financial management, payments, budget actions, procurements, grants, and assistance – can be standardized and streamlined.

  • The CRO Agenda: The Role of the Federal Chief Risk Officer

    3/2/15 | Public Sector Research Centre

    The role of a Chief Risk Officer (CRO) has gained renewed interest within the federal government. A CRO can empower the agency to identify events that could negatively or positively impact the agency’s ability to meet its mission and objectives and to effectively manage the negative events, risks, while reaping the full benefits of the positive events, opportunities. In order to do this, the role must be established and implemented properly. PwC can help.

  • The CRO Agenda: Articulating the Value of Enterprise Risk Management

    3/2/15 | Public Sector Research Centre

    With a rise in uncertainty and an increasingly complex government mission, effective risk management has become critical to the success of federal agencies.