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  • IASB/FASB Insurance Contracts Project - Meeting summaries

    5/20/15 | Insurance

    Insurers currently use a variety of different and largely inconsistent local approaches to measure the value of insurance contracts within their statutory financial statements. This diversity makes it difficult to compare companies and may fail to reflect the true economic value of insurance business, which can put insurers at a considerable disadvantage when competing for capital.

  • Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015

    3/9/15 | Insurance

    The insurance industry is facing once-in-a-generation disruption. Top Insurance Industry Issues in 2015 discusses the challenges and opportunities confronting insurers, and provides insight on how to adapt to change.

  • Insurance board of directors' risk responsibilities: Guidance from global regimes

    9/30/14 | Insurance

    At the present time, no two developments in the insurance sector seem more entwined than risk and regulation, and nowhere is this interaction more evident than in developing regulatory expectations for insurers’ boards of directors. While regulators still seem far apart in their search for a single global capital regime, they are much closer to a consensus on terms of governance.

  • NAIC Meeting Notes, Summer 2014

    9/30/14 | Insurance

    The National Association of Insurance Commissioners held its Summer National Meeting in Louisville from August 16 to 19. This newsletter contains information on activities that occurred in some of the committees, task forces and working groups that met there.