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The PwC industrial products practice provides industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to companies in the aerospace & defense, business & professional services, chemicals, forest & paper, engineering & construction, industrial manufacturing, metals sectors, and transportation & logistics.

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  • Assembling value: Second-quarter 2014 industrial manufacturing industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    8/20/14 | Industrial products

    Industrial manufacturing mergers and acquisitions activity surged in the second quarter, driven by large deals. Dealmakers seeking strategic assets represented the overwhelming majority of all transactions.

  • Chemical compounds: Second-quarter 2014 chemical industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    8/20/14 | Industrial products

    Chemicals M&A activity in the second quarter of 2014 more than doubled in value and volume when compared to the same period last year. Mid-market transactions accounted for 68% of total deal activity and over 20% of value.

  • Engineering growth: Second-quarter 2014 engineering & construction industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    8/20/14 | Industrial products

    The value of merger and acquisition (M&A) deals in the engineering and construction (E&C) sector in 2Q14 surged to $67 billion from $15 billion in the prior quarter. As a result of the transactions that were involved, the average deal size rose to among the highest levels on record.

  • 2014 Global Airline Survey: Strategic sights set on transformation and innovation

    7/23/14 | Industrial products

    Important megatrends, such as shifting global economic power, technological advances, and demographic changes, are identified as top-of-mind issues for global airline CEOs, according to our latest report, the 2014 Global Airline CEO Survey. As the changing balance of economic power is expected to have a drastic effect on the industry in the next five years, the report highlights three key areas in which CEOs are planning to respond: organizational structure, technology, and talent.

  • Manufacturing Barometer - July 2014

    7/23/14 | Industrial products

    US manufacturers are planning to spend more on infrastructure in the coming year as competitive pressures grow. Additionally, M&A plans have increased.

  • Assessing Tax 2014: Tax rate benchmarking study for industrial products and automotive sectors

    6/16/14 | Industrial products

    Assessing Tax 2014 provides a detailed analysis of tax rate metrics for 324 companies and highlights tax trends for aerospace and defense, automotive, chemicals, engineering and construction, industrial manufacturing and metals, and transportation and logistics companies. This issue includes a special report on the surge in international tax controversy.

  • Webcast
    Revenue Recognition Webcast & Industry Supplement - Engineering & Construction - June 25, 2014

    6/12/14 | Industrial products

    Join us for an expanded discussion on the specific impacts the new revenue recognition standard will have on the Engineering & Construction industry and download our E&C Industry Supplement.

  • 3D printing and the new shape of industrial manufacturing

    6/11/14 | Industrial products

    Manufacturers are observing how 3D printing (3DP) could disrupt manufacturing processes, impact the traditional supply chain, and increase the demand for the talent needed to apply the technology to their operations.

  • Using innovation to drive sustainable growth in the chemicals industry

    5/6/14 | Industrial products

    This PwC report explains why innovation in the chemicals industry is so important because it helps chemicals companies address their customers’ challenges and creates competitive advantage.

  • Assembling value: First-quarter 2014 industrial manufacturing industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    4/28/14 | Industrial products

    Industrial manufacturing mergers and acquisitions activity rose in the second half of the year, with oil and gas end-markets driving deals in the industrial machinery sector. Deal strategies are expected to shift to growth-oriented transactions in 2014.

  • Engineering growth: First-quarter 2014 engineering & construction industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    4/28/14 | Industrial products

    Large deals continue to drive engineering and construction industry mergers and acquisitions, especially in the oil, gas, and petrochemical sectors. Risk aversion is impacting deal activity in emerging markets.

  • Chemical compounds: First-quarter 2014 chemical industry mergers and acquisitions analysis

    4/28/14 | Industrial products

    Chemical industry mergers and acquisitions increased in advanced economies, with shale gas opportunities playing a major factor in the United States. Chemicals industry companies are pursuing a variety of deal strategies, including joint ventures, spin-offs, and complete divestitures.

  • Industrial Products: 2013 SEC comment letter trends

    12/14/13 | Industrial products

    SEC comment letter trends for Industrial Products companies is an analysis of SEC staff comments to help executives understand key trends that are relevant to companies in the following Industrial Products sectors: Aerospace & Defense; Business & Professional Services; Chemicals; Engineering & Construction; Forestry, Paper & Packaging; Industrial Manufacturing; Metals; and Transportation & Logistics.

  • Manufacturing Barometer - October 2013

    10/15/13 | Industrial products

    Company executives who responded to PwC's Manufacturing Barometer business outlook survey were positive about the world economic outlook, and they plan to increase investments in R&D and hiring.

  • Tax technology: Creating a strategic asset

    9/19/13 | Industrial products

    How do manufacturing companies use technology in their tax functions? PwC and the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) surveyed more than 100 companies to uncover leading practices and challenges in applying technology to the tax function.

  • Lease accounting in industrial manufacturing: Transformational change

    6/27/13 | Industrial products

    Proposed lease accounting changes will impact industrial manufacturing company financial and performance metrics such as EBITDA, net income, and cash flows from operations. Creating a catalog of all leasing arrangements will be help in evaluating the impact of the new standard.

  • Tailwinds: Airline industry trends

    6/25/13 | Industrial products

    PwC is pleased to introduce Tailwinds, a new publication for airline industry executives and stakeholders. Each edition provides an overview of the state of the US airline industry, and highlights a key trend or challenge facing the industry. This edition reviews the economics of running and maintaining 50-seat regional jets and the pilot shortage.