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This PwC financial services regulatory practice has diverse regulatory knowledge (banking, broker/dealer, insurance, investment management) covering a range of complex regulatory challenges facing large financial services firms.

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  • Foreign banks: US admission fee rising

    7/31/14 | Financial services regulatory practice

    The Fed expects detailed implementation plans from foreign banks.

  • US regulatory outlook: The beginning of the end

    7/22/14 | Financial services regulatory practice

    Four years since Dodd-Frank, several key rulemakings remain.

  • Basel & prudential standards: US moving faster than world

    8/12/13 | Financial services regulatory practice

    US regulators are eager to complete rulemakings implementing Basel III and Dodd-Frank’s Enhanced Prudential Standards. This desire is compounded by public and congressional criticism of the delay in establishing a post-crisis supervisory framework – criticism that has been getting louder every year since Dodd-Frank’s passage.

  • Credit exposure: Affiliate transaction rule in sight

    8/6/13 | Financial services regulatory practice

    Various provisions of Dodd-Frank require banks to incorporate credit exposures from derivatives and securities financing transactions when calculating prudential limits.