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The PwC forensic services group combines financial, accounting and regulatory knowledge with deep technical and industry experience to assist companies in confronting the regulatory, legal and commercial challenges as a result of unplanned events.

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  • Economic Impact of Trade Secret Theft

    2/25/14 | Forensic services

    News stories, international negotiations, and recent case law continue to demonstrate the importance of securing trade secrets as a means of ensuring prosperity for companies operating in the U.S. and abroad.

  • Overcoming challenges of leading innovation in medical technology and research in the global market

    2/25/14 | Forensic services

    Promoting healthcare solutions worldwide requires navigation of the complex and constantly changing landscape of US export control laws. How regulatory controls apply to medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and biotechnology products is unique, and understanding where and how to export these products is critical to competing in the global market. This piece discusses the effect of “dual use” controls, defense regulations, and OFAC sanctions on these products, and the risks and opportunities for this booming industry.

  • Global Economic Crime Survey, 2014: Key Highlights from the U.S.

    2/20/14 | Forensic services

    From cybercrime to corruption, most economic crimes reported are on the rise. What does this mean for your business? Read the key highlights from the U.S.