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The PwC communications practice provides professional services to leading communications companies.

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    Revenue Recognition Webcast: Communications industry - June 16, 2014

    6/10/14 | Communications

    Join us for an expanded discussion on the specific impacts the new revenue recognition standard will have on the Communications industry. While the new standard will impact companies broadly, there are particular implications to Communications companies that deserve focus as companies plan for implementation.

  • North American wireless industry survey

    6/25/13 | Communications

    PwC's 2012 North American wireless industry survey provides an understanding of current and emerging trends in the wireless sector. It will help your business benchmark against other North American operators and shape changes in your general financial accounting and reporting policies.

  • Three ways mobile operators can (profitably) help customers self-manage data consumption

    2/15/13 | Communications

    With mobile data consumption growing exponentially, mobile telecom operators need to manage the increasing demand while remaining profitable. This report outlines 3 ways that mobile operators can let customers self-manage data without compromising profitability.