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The PwC banking and capital markets practice offers professional services in every segment of the financial industry - consumer/retail banking, commercial banking, wholesale banking, mortgage banking, securitization, capital markets, insurance, investment management, broker/dealer and real estate.

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  • Webcast
    Financial Markets: Q3 US & Global Outlook – October 9, 2013

    8/27/13 | Banking & capital markets

    This webcast, hosted by the Financial Instruments, Structured Finance, and Real Estate (FSR) group, focuses on the emerging trends, latest news, and market data updates related to today's financial markets and their participants.

  • Automotive Leasing Insight

    7/24/13 | Banking & capital markets

    This paper discusses the factors that can be attributed to the growing popularity of leasing, the advantages of having a well-designed customer experience lease strategy and how this can help support long-term customer retention and loyalty and serve as a springboard to capture additional market share as well as help to offset potential regulatory risk issues.

  • Strategic Cost Management for Mortgage Lenders and Consumer Finance

    7/24/13 | Banking & capital markets

    This paper discusses four critical elements that should be considered if an organization is to deliver sustainable cost reduction through transforming its expense base.