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The PwC asset management practice provides professional services to leading asset management organizations.

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  • Fund of funds tax considerations: Managing investor and regulatory demands

    8/26/14 | Asset management

    This document summarizes fund of fund tax considerations as discussed during a webcast by a panel of asset management, state and local tax, and technology specialists within PwC’s Asset Management Tax practice.

  • Hedge fund administration: 4 trends that may drive new growth

    8/26/14 | Asset management

    With growth opportunities for hedge fund administrative services decreasing, where will new demand come from? The answer lies in competitive forces now shaping the asset management industry. Learn which four key industry trends could drive new growth in hedge fund administration, and how these emerging changes could affect your business.

  • Proposed regulations on the definition of real property for REITs

    5/28/14 | Asset management

    On May 9, 2014, the IRS released proposed regulations (“Proposed Regulations”) which are intended to clarify the definition of “real property” for purposes of the asset tests applicable to real estate investment trusts (“REITs”). The IRS’s expectation is that taxpayers will be able to utilize the additional guidance in the proposed regulations to analyze whether their assets qualify as real property in lieu of seeking private letter rulings.

  • Asset classes in the alternatives industry – What’s hot, what’s not

    5/28/14 | Asset management

    This document summarizes the issues discussed during PwC’s webcast, Asset classes in the alternatives industry – What’s hot, what’s not.

  • Asset Management 2020: A Brave New World

    2/18/14 | Asset management

    How will the asset management industry’s operating landscape change by 2020, and how can asset managers prepare for the challenges ahead and turn them into competitive advantages? PwC's Asset Management 2020 poses these questions and offers a perspective on how they might be answered.

  • The next generation of ETFs: Why every asset manager needs an ETF Strategy

    11/14/13 | Asset management

    Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have enjoyed two decades of explosive growth. Evolving and proliferating as they attracted new users, ETFs went from a single vehicle providing exposure to large cap US equities to thousands of products representing a dizzying range of asset classes and strategies. As ETFs reshape their environment all over again, asset managers and intermediaries alike will want to have strategies in place to deal with the changes sweeping across the competitive landscape.

  • How global tax reforms might impact ETF efficiency: A look at the implications for ETF strategy and structuring

    11/14/13 | Asset management

    Due to their low costs and potentially greater tax efficiency, ETFs offer a very efficient return to investors. ETFs’ tax advantages have contributed to their strong competitive position and growth. But a rapidly changing tax environment will present challenges as governments around the globe seek to bridge budget deficits. By staying on top of these changes, sponsors can mitigate adverse effects while remaining compliant with changing global tax laws.

  • ETFs: How innovators and regulators are shaping growth in the Asset Management industry

    10/28/13 | Asset management

    As Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) enter their next phase of growth, much rests on the actions of the regulators. Innovation created ETFs and equipped them to achieve success through flexible, inexpensive and tax-efficient tracking of broad-based market indices. While growth in ETFs is set to continue, the pace of expansion likely will be impacted by regulations.

  • PwC Mutual Fund Directors Roundtable: 2013 highlights

    10/28/13 | Asset management

    Professionals from PwC’s Asset Management practice and directors from the boards of some of the nation’s leading mutual fund groups gathered for informal discussions of the industry’s key issues and significant challenges. These talks generated important insights into what directors are thinking about in today’s evolving marketplace regarding valuation, risk management, board effectiveness, and other key issues.

  • The Connected Advisor: The Rise of Digital and Social Advice in Wealth Management

    9/3/13 | Asset management

    This paper examines the four forces of change that are shaping wealth management - shifting demographics, changing client behaviors and expectations, rising technological innovations and emerging disruptive competition.