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The PwC US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services practice helps companies face a myriad of complex issues – related to acquisitions, divestitures, consolidations, bankruptcy, restatements, debt / equity offerings, changes to accounting methods, stock compensation, and more.

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  • IT alternatives: Cloud computing (Observations from the front lines)

    1/7/15 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    The benefits of cloud computing can be substantial, but companies should consider possible implications to reporting and balance sheet metrics.

  • Evaluating environmental liabilities and their impacts on future earnings (Observations from the front lines)

    5/12/14 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    Unexpected expenditures and accounting adjustments – like those arising from environmental obligations – can dramatically impact capital budgeting and future earnings. Companies have found that practices vary widely across sectors and both engineering and accounting expertise are critical in assessing environmental obligations.

  • Being prepared in a hot IPO market (Observations from the front lines)

    1/23/14 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    Strong demand for IPOs continued in the fourth quarter of 2013, capping a robust year for the capital markets and setting the stage for continued growth in 2014. The window for raising capital in a robust IPO market tends to open with bursts of popularity then close quickly. This requires a constant state of readiness for the required IPO document that is filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission “SEC”. Don’t let unforeseen financial reporting items be the road block to accessing the IPO markets.

  • A higher bar for reporting discontinued operations (Observations from the front lines)

    7/10/13 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    The FASB issued a proposal to change the criteria and reporting requirements for discontinued operations while adding new disclosures for individually material dispositions that do not qualify as discontinued operations. Companies should consider how the proposed standard impacts their communication plan to investors.

  • Standard setters revisit push down accounting requirements (Observations from the front lines)

    2/21/13 | US Capital Markets and Accounting Advisory Services

    Push down accounting refers to instances in which an acquiring entity (or parent company) pushes its new basis down to the stand-alone financial statements of an acquired entity. The Emerging Issues Task Force (EITF) is in discussions regarding the circumstances that drive a change in accounting basis or an acquired entity's stand-alone financial statements. Potential changes could result in more instances where push down accounting is required.