Driving business growth in 2016

Insights from PwC’s Annual
US CEO Survey

Our 2016 US CEO Survey shows concerns over volatility and over-regulation are rising. Running a global business is poised to become even more complex. US CEOs plan for moderate expansion in the US in a global marketplace that’s upending plenty of assumptions about business growth, innovation and risk.

Expect more M&A in 2016, and a deeper focus on the hard work to fortify the technology backbone of the business. Customers and partners are looking for companies who’ve got their act together on technology and people.

With few CEOs expecting a burst of global economic growth in 2016, becoming a hub that grows and adapts to an expanding network of activity is how you win.

This year, our top findings show how US CEOs are taking stock of 2016 for their business. The US CEO interview series, our biggest ever, explore the trends in detail. How are CEOs driving growth?

We note ten findings for 2016.

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“Think about your best-ever customer experience and how it made you feel, such as the time you went to your favorite restaurant. It’s hard to get that electronically, so it’s going to be important to provide great in-store experiences to customers. But there are also going to be times when a customer is in a rush and wants to place an order with a smartphone and pick it up at the store. The key to technology is being nimble and ready for those transitions.”

W. Rodney McMullen, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, The Kroger Co.

In their own words...

PwC sat down with 35 business leaders around the US. Hear what CEOs in finance, healthcare, oil & gas, consumer goods, automotive manufacturing, chemicals, logistics, technology, and more think will unfold in 2016 and what it means for their business growth.

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