Driving business growth in 2016

Insights from PwC’s Annual US CEO Survey

Our 2016 US CEO Survey shows concerns over volatility and over-regulation are rising. Running a global business is poised to become even more complex. US CEOs plan for moderate expansion in the US in a global marketplace that’s upending plenty of assumptions about business growth, innovation and risk.

Expect more M&A in 2016, and a deeper focus on the hard work to fortify the technology backbone of the business. Customers and partners are looking for companies who’ve got their act together on technology and people.

With few CEOs expecting a burst of global economic growth in 2016, becoming a hub that grows and adapts to an expanding network of activity is how you win.

This year, our top findings show how US CEOs are taking stock of 2016 for their business. The US CEO interview series, our biggest ever, explore the trends in detail. How are CEOs driving growth?

We note ten findings for 2016.

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“Think about your best-ever customer experience and how it made you feel, such as the time you went to your favorite restaurant. It’s hard to get that electronically, so it’s going to be important to provide great in-store experiences to customers. But there are also going to be times when a customer is in a rush and wants to place an order with a smartphone and pick it up at the store. The key to technology is being nimble and ready for those transitions.”

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  • Align costs with business strategy

    Align costs with business strategy:

    Strong demand for cost, performance management skills

    CEOs want to speed up the organization so they can both read the dangers and respond to the opportunities faster.

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  • Accelerate digital and technology impact

    Accelerate digital and technology impact:

    Refocused on digital foundations

    While no two company’s technology bets are alike—just like their strategies—we do sense a shift in where leaders are focusing their attention, and their capital investment, in 2016.

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  • Navigate risk and regulatory complexity

    Navigate risk and regulatory complexity:

    Faster information flows create volatility and, for some CEOs, opportunity

    CEOs expect to see risks sooner and respond more quickly to opportunities thanks to faster information flows and more data. This mindset is impacting the way risks are managed and mitigated.

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  • Optimize deals

    Optimize deals:

    Moving toward a permanent desire for deals?

    US business leaders will be working hard on two fronts in 2016: Taking on new deals (acquiring and selling) and successfully integrating deals already done.

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  • Stimulate innovation

    Stimulate innovation:

    The collaboration question: A hub or a spoke on emerging platforms

    Becoming a strong and relevant player in an expanding network of activity is how many expect to win, especially in a year when few CEOs are expecting any global economic tailwinds. Collaboration is at the heart of the strategy.

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  • Unlock data possibilities

    Unlock data possibilities:

    CEOs see greatest returns on engagement when their companies use analytics

    CEOs believe their companies are getting better at creating value from data and analytics. They’re seeing smarter use of data and better delivery of the right information at the right times.

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  • Transform human capital

    Transform human capital:

    A need for speed—and creed—in people priorities

    In a year where innovating swiftly is table stakes, US CEOs are focused on who’ll set the table. Talent strategies are top of mind in a world where skills are scarce, and everything from succession planning to culture is up for a revamp.

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  • Create unique customer experiences

    Create unique customer experiences:

    Higher purpose or high-performing products – what do customers prioritize? Both, say CEOs, but with purpose gaining ground.

    US CEOs believe that, increasingly, customers will want to see businesses demonstrate a purpose beyond just a commercial one.

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  • Secure assets

    Secure assets:

    Sustained CEO concerns calls for new approaches to managing cyber-risk

    Cybersecurity remains a top priority for US CEOs in 2016. Business leaders expressed extreme concern about the potential for cyberthreats to stunt business growth.

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  • Strengthen trust and transparency

    Strengthen trust and transparency:

    Building trust provides opportunities for business growth

    Trust has grown as a concern among CEOs globally, and many recognize that earning trust from stakeholders can help their companies’ success.

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In their own words...

PwC sat down with 35 business leaders around the US. Hear what CEOs in finance, healthcare, oil & gas, consumer goods, automotive manufacturing, chemicals, logistics, technology, and more think will unfold in 2016 and what it means for their business growth.

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