Q: What is the purpose of "Challenge yourself"?

"Challenge yourself" contains interactive business cases designed to help you better understand the array of challenges encountered by PwC professionals. The cases ask you to join a virtual engagement team and recommend client solutions using PwC's knowledge resources.

Q: Do the cases in "Challenge yourself" represent real client engagements?

All of the cases are based on typical PwC engagements. However, the specific companies referenced in the cases are fictional. These challenges are meant to give you a glimpse into the type of work you may experience as a PwC professional.

Q: Are there any "right" or "wrong" answers in the cases?

No. Occasionally there are "preferred" decisions indicated, but these represent just one point of view. The cases and their outcomes are primarily intended just to stimulate strategic thinking and debate.

Q: How long does it take to complete a case?

Each of the cases in "Challenge yourself" is designed to be completed within about 20 minutes.

Q: Are the choices that I make during the "Challenge yourself" cases recorded?

No. No information is recorded regarding the choices you make at decision points.