Our culture

Corporate culture is derived from the people that create it. Our people are at the heart of our business strategy and success. We focus on equal employment opportunity, diversity and inclusion in our recruitment process, making sure we attract candidates from all backgrounds, traditional and non-traditional. We provide our people with a variety of tools—enriching professional experiences, daily coaching, productive feedback—to help them make their professional lives productive and enjoyable.

  1. Commitment to our communities

    We are committed to supporting the communities in which we work and live. We embrace a philosophy of corporate responsibility through charitable giving and community service. That's why we provide our people with numerous opportunities to give back to their communities throughout the year.

  2. The PwC family

    From the moment a professional comes on board, they are considered a part of the PwC family. Even if they choose to leave the firm to explore other opportunities, we stay connected through our ever-growing alumni community network. We support our PwC alumni with virtual tools and resources, as well as networking opportunities to help them stay connected to us and their former colleagues.

  3. Diversity and Inclusion

    PwC is committed to creating an inclusive workplace where everyone can succeed in achieving his or her personal and professional goals.  An inclusive workplace enables us to embrace the diversity and richness of backgrounds and perspectives of our people, and to leverage their diverse talents.

    At PwC, we are committed to creating the kind of environment where everyone can feel comfortable and confident being themselves. We have networking circles designed as professional forums to help women, ethnic minorities, parents, and gay and lesbian professionals connect with one another and provide mentoring, learning and development opportunities. These circles also give professionals access to role models that help them develop and advance. Below is a list of our circles and inclusion networks:

    Black Inclusion Network (BIN) focuses on professional development and connectivity for black staff, the network is made up of people of all backgrounds.

    Hispanic/Latino focuses on professional development and connectivity for Latino/Latina and Hispanic staff.

    Asian/Island Pacificer focuses on professional development and connectivity for Asian/Pacific Island staff.

    Gender Initiatives
    Women's Networking Circles

    Women Upfront is an online career resource for PwC women that offers videos, articles, resources and other interactive features exploring topics relevant to working women and professional advancement.

    Out Professional Employee Network (OPEN) of PwC is committed to supporting a diverse and inclusive environment in the workplace, through education, networking, and community service.

    Veterans Affinity Group (VAN) creates a strong community and helps harness the unique talents and capabilities of all veterans throughout the firm.

    Persons with Disability Network (PwDN) is open to all professionals seeking to raise awareness and promote disability inclusion at PwC.

    Disability Caregivers Network (DCN) is a network for all PwC Professional seeking to promote an inclusive work environment for caregivers of individuals with special needs or disabilities.  We provide resources for caregivers as well as create a culture of awareness by informing our people about the needs of individuals with disabilities.

Employee benefits

Health and well-being

We offer a comprehensive, flexible, and market-competitive benefits program. Our benefits package reflects the diversity and mobility that make PwC unique.

Financial well-being

The benefits program provides access to programs that can be tailored to meet the personal health and financial well-being needs and goals of our partners, staff and their families.

Recognition and rewards

We think you'll find our rewards strategy and our other benefits rather exciting.

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