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About Hilary

PwC alum
Atlanta office

Hilary is a PwC alum who had moved further from her home office. She loves the opportunity to work for PwC's Flexibility² Talent Network so she can stay connected to the firm and work on a broad range of clients during part of the year and spend time with her young children during the rest.

  1. Q&A with Hilary

    Why did you decide to join PwC's seasonal workforce?

    I had left the firm when my family relocated further away from my office. I then joined a local firm closer to home. A friend at PwC called and shared this opportunity to work with PwC as part of the seasonal workforce. I immediately jumped on it, not only because the firm is so great, but as an alum, I knew what I was getting into. Additionally, I have three young children and so the ability to be able to work seasonally is tremendous.

    What do you think has differentiated your PwC Experience?

    Working for such a large global firm, I'm getting exposure to clients and projects that I otherwise wouldn't have received if I were with a smaller, local firm.

    What advice would you give to someone who is considering becoming part of PwC's seasonal workforce?

    Do it! In my case, this has been a win-win. I was happy to be able to return to the firm for an assigned period and maintain my skills and relationships while helping the team during crunch time.

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