With approximately 16,000 Assurance professionals in 72 cities across PwC US working closely with public and private companies, we help solve complex business issues faced by management and boards, and serve the public interest by supporting the capital markets system through reliable financial reporting.

PwC Assurance

PwC's Assurance professionals understand how businesses work from the inside. With approximately 16,000 Assurance professionals in 72 cities across PwC US working closely with public and private companies, we help solve complex business issues faced by management and boards, and serve the public interest by supporting the capital markets system through reliable financial reporting.

PwC Assurance teams ask questions, test assumptions, and evaluate whether companies are reporting information that investors and others can rely on. We combine deep technical skills and sector experience to help our clients address the challenges of a rapidly changing environment and strengthen their businesses. In addition to our core audit services, we have currently chosen four priority services to drive non-audit revenue growth, all of which are built from the core competencies inherent in our assurance practice.

Market leadership

PwC has the largest assurance practice in the US in terms of revenue. We also provide external audit services to 31% of the S&P 500** giving us the market share lead.

*Accounting News Report, March 2012
**Audit Analytics.

What's ahead in the assurance world?

The audit of tomorrow will look dramatically different from the audit of today. This means our auditors will spend less time manually validating and recalculating client data and more time analyzing results of automated data validations and focusing on exceptions detected through data analysis. Why? Because of the significant investments in technology that both PwC and our clients have made, the marketplace now has increasing expectations that we actively innovate and enhance the use of technology and data analysis within the audit. It's a business imperative that we develop processes, tools and methodologies to make better use of data analysis and automated data auditing and validation techniques, including data extraction and visualization capabilities. We need people with the skills and background to make it happen!

In the accounting profession, use of data analytics will soon become the norm; the old ways of doing things won’t cut it anymore. Auditors will not be solely number crunchers, but also data analysts. Information that may have stood stagnant in paper files before can now be collected in seconds, freeing up auditors to enhance their assessments of risks and use data in new ways. We can now analyze entire data populations, as opposed to smaller samples, and make better decisions and audit judgments because of it.

Career Path

What we do

External Audit

Our External Audit practice provides independent reporting to stakeholders on the financial performance of their businesses and the internal controls that govern their financial information. We perform:

  • Core financial statement and internal control audits
  • Business and performance reporting
  • Social, environmental, and other compliance reviews

Our partners and staff have the opportunity to gain specialized knowledge and serve clients in one or more industries and sectors including:

  • Asset Management
  • Automotive
  • Banking and Capital Markets
  • Consumer and Retail
  • Energy
  • Entertainment, Media & Communications
  • Industrial Products
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare Providers
  • Pharmaceutical & Life Sciences
  • Private Equity
  • Technology
  • Utilities

We also provide a broad array of insights and possible solutions to financial instruments and audit and consulting services.

On occasion, staff in the external audit practice may also have the opportunity to apply and hone skills related to internal controls & internal audits by working with our Risk Assurance practice.

Risk Assurance

Our Risk Assurance practice helps clients to analyze, assess and address risk and to navigate regulatory requirements in an increasingly complex environment.

PwC’s Risk Assurance practice helps companies to:

  • Build and fortify internal and IT risk controls
  • Develop and strengthen risk and compliance programs
  • Improve the capabilities of Internal Audit function

Our Risk Assurance practice draws proudly on its auditing heritage as well as commercial experience to rigorously evaluate or implement a company's governance procedures, processes, information, and controls. The practice provides broad support across a business to elevate trust and transparency and give stakeholders information about whether risks are anticipated, understood, and managed strategically.

Our service offerings include: Internal Audit Services, Process Assurance, Third Party Assurance, Governance, Risk & Compliance, and IT & Project Assurance.

On occasion, staff in the Risk Assurance practice have the opportunity to further hone their auditing skills by working in our external audit practice.

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Transaction Services

PwC’s Transaction Services professionals help companies make informed and empowered investment, divestment, capital market and reorganization decisions. We assist clients with due diligence, M&A strategy, integration, valuation, accounting, financial reporting, and capital raising on both the buy and sell side of a deal. Our deal professionals help clients understand the risks in transactions, so they can be confident they are making informed strategic decisions. From their deal negotiations, to capturing synergies during integration, we help clients gain value; and ultimately, deliver this value to stakeholders. For companies in distressed situations, we advise on crisis avoidance, financial and operational restructuring and bankruptcy. Experienced teams are deployed with deep industry and local market knowledge, and technical experience tailored to each client's situation. Our globally consistent, controlled deal process helps clients minimize their risks, progress with the right deals, and capture value both at the deal table and after the deal closes.

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How is technology is shaping the audit?

Aura, Halo & Connect: 3 tools we’re using to simplify the audit through innovation. New performance, new clarity, and new perspectives.

Simplifying the audit

Through innovation, technology, and our people, we are ushering in an enhanced way of auditing that’s delivering high quality and unique insights to our clients.

Career growth

At PwC every career is different. That’s why we help you design your own. At PwC you will have personal ownership of your career path.

Our culture

We recruit top talent with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

What we do

PwC provides industry-focused Assurance, Tax, and Advisory services to build public trust and enhance value for our clients and our stakeholders.

Day in the life

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