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Do companies really do background checks? What if something negative comes up in my background check and how should I address it with the potential employer?
Yes, many companies conduct background checks. The best advice would be to get out in front of anything that you think may appear in your background check - you'll know when you get to a place where your potential future employer will be conducting this check - so it's best to let your potential employer know that you may find something and share the resolution. After the background check, they may then need you to provide documentation to prove the resolution.

How does a potential new hire go about selecting the industry in which they want to work? (PCS, Healthcare, etc.)
Industries and groups vary by geographic market so the opportunities will be different. The Human Resources team works closely with each new hire when selecting the appropriate industry group to provide for the best fit and interest. We encourage you to do your homework by asking questions about the industries for which you may be interested and not to be afraid to share your areas of interest.

How can I find out which industries PwC specializes in?
To learn more about the industries we serve, please visit our site.

Will PwC hire an international candidate?
At PwC, we have a number of international opportunities ranging from the International Intern Experience to working on client engagements abroad, to doing an international tour. Our international secondments are excellent professional experiences.

How does PwC distinguish itself from the other Big Four firms from the client and employee perspectives?
It really is our people - at the end of the day, all the Big Four do the same type of work - so it comes down to the people with whom you want to work and the value you want to bring to our clients. At PwC, we are all focused on developing lasting relationships - with each other, with prospective candidates and with our clients, both current and new.

Where does PwC have offices in the US?
Visit here to learn more.

Is there a way I can see a job description for an internship or entry-level position online?
Please create a Talent Profile for a specific internship or job opening at If our recruiting team sees that you meet the basic qualifications for the role, they will reach out to you to discuss your résumé further.

I didn't major in Accounting; would it still be possible to do an internship?
The majority of our positions are for students who are majoring in accounting. However we do have opportunities for students in various other majors.

How do I go through recruiting if I would like to work in a different city than where my school is located?
You would complete on-campus interviews at your school first, and then you would be referred to the office of your choice for a second round interview.

How do I know when PwC is going to be on campus? What groups does PwC work with on campus?
You can find out when we are going to be on your campus by contacting your career center, or by joining your Accounting Society or Beta Alpha Psi. These groups announce to their members when we are on campus and share deadline information.

I have applied for a specific PwC opportunity on my campus. What is the next step in the process to be offered an internship with PwC?
Thank you for your interest in a career with PwC. If we are interested in considering you for a position, a recruiter will contact you.

I have created a Talent Profile on What are the next steps?
We encourage you to connect with your recruiter on campus. If we determine you meet the listed criteria for one of our available positions within a geographic location with which you're interested in working, then a recruiter will be in touch with you.

How do I apply to positions outside of the United States?
PwC is comprised of more than 161,000 people in more than 154 countries across our global network of firms. You can go to the PwC homepage and search for your country of interest. Follow directions on the country's career page regarding job application requirements.

Do you have volunteer/non-paid work?
No, we do not offer volunteer or non-paid work.

What is the process for signing up for the Becker CPA Review course? Is PwC billed directly?
The Becker CPA Review course is provided to all new full-time hires who have accepted their offer, even if they have not yet started with the firm. The tuition and fees for the review course are directly billed to PwC (one time only). New full-time hires can enroll at

Can I expect to travel as a first-year associate?
Travel assignments typically depend on the nature and type of work involved on a client engagement. So it is possible that you may experience business travel assignments as a first-year associate. The variety of client travel time will depend on which group you are in and where your home office is located.

Does PwC sponsor H1B visas?
Yes, PwC does sponsor H1B visas.



What should one focus on to prepare for an internship?
In general, to prepare you should remain connected to the employees you met throughout the recruiting process. Spend some time on the company or firm website, making sure you fully understand their business. Continue to ask questions about what you can expect during your internship and the types of tasks you may be asked to take on, and if there's anything you can do to prepare for specific assignments you may be given. And then, go in on day one with a great attitude and a willingness to take it all in.

What are the technical skills expected of incoming interns?
We do expect that our incoming client service interns will have, at a minimum, a basic understanding of accounting principles. Understanding that accounting programs differ by school, all interns go through our training that is designed to help teach and get them up to speed with what they need to know to be successful interns.

As an intern, how can I build my network?
A great way for you to build your network at the firm as a summer or winter intern is to volunteer for activities where you might meet colleagues of varying levels and lines of service - at the all-hands community day, for instance.

I've already graduated, am I eligible for an internship?
No, our internships are for students who are currently still in school.

Do you have any advice on how to keep in touch with the firm between now and next summer, when my internship begins?
If you attend a school where we regularly recruit, you will be invited to attend events and activities that we'll be hosting on your campus throughout the academic year. We definitely encourage you to attend whenever possible, as this gives you an opportunity to get to know more of our people before you start. If you attend a school where we don't come to campus as often or if you can't make the events on your campus, we recommend you reach out to those you met during the recruiting process to let them know of your excitement about your upcoming internship. Consider asking for advice on what to expect, share updates on what you've been doing to prepare yourself for your internship.

Do you offer part-time internships during the school year?
No, our internships are full-time and take place either during the winter or summer.

How long is an internship with PwC?
Internships with PwC usually last for about 8 weeks.



I have applied for an internship with PwC this upcoming summer. What are good ways to stay in touch with my recruiters?
It is a good idea to stay in touch with your recruiters. Feel free to reach out to your recruiters via email. We typically host events on campus throughout the year, so your recruiter can share those details with you, providing additional ways to get to know our firm.

How do I contact my PwC recruiter?
You can find your school's recruiter by going to our Facebook page ( and click on PwC Connect then the Meet your Recruiter tab.

PwC does not recruit on my campus. How can I get involved with PwC?
You can find us on Facebook at to connect with a recruiter in your area. Also, the first step for all interested students is to express interest by completing a talent profile for an open job posting at and clicking on "Get started."

When will a PwC recruiter be at my school?
Check with your school's career center to find out when PwC will be at your school. Also, you can check out our calendar of events for a list of important events that PwC may be holding at your school.


Cover letters and résumés 

Do recruiters really read cover letters? What are some tips for writing good ones?
Our recruiters do read cover letters that are sent to them. Our suggestions would be to keep it short and to the point - explain what you are looking for and highlight a few key things about yourself or your experiences. Visit our online guide "10 Tips to an excellent résumé".

Is a cover letter required?
A cover letter may be optional depending on the office location and position to which you are applying. Please check with your campus career center or local recruiter for specific requirements.

Does the cover letter or résumé carry more weight?
The résumé generally carries more weight in our opinion. Many times, your cover letter will be read by the recruiter, but when the recruiter discusses your credentials with others in the organization, it will be the résumé that is shared.

Do I need letters of recommendation?
No, you only need to submit your cover letter, résumé, and unofficial transcripts.

How important is a GPA to getting an interview with PwC or other firms?
The GPA is certainly very important and you should work hard to maintain or raise your GPA. However, it's not the only factor that we will consider. We want students that are well-rounded, who don't just have strong GPAs, but who are also involved on their campuses and in their communities. It's also good to explore other career opportunities and keep your options open, making sure you find a career that is a good fit for you.


Hiring cycle 

What are the biggest differences between the on-campus and office visit interviews?
The on-campus interview is the first interview. It is a great way for us to get to know you better, and helps us to begin to determine if you are a good fit for our firm. The office visit takes that one step further, and includes several interviews over the course of a day, as well as opportunities to get to know our professionals better via panel discussions or networking events like meals or receptions. They are a great chance to get a feel for our culture, our people, and the vast opportunities we provide in the specific city or market you are most interested in working.

At each year in my studies, what are the opportunities for a student to interact with PwC?
There are a number of ways to participate in PwC programs and network with our people during each year of your studies. Please visit our recruitment timeline (LINK) to learn more about these opportunities based on your current year of your program.

Can you describe PwC's typical hiring cycle?
We typically hire one year in advance of a start date - for example, if you're looking for a summer internship in 2012, we are recruiting for those positions in the fall semester of 2011. For full-time hiring, again the cycle is about a year in advance of start dates, and we have both winter and fall start dates.


Social media and my career search 

I don’t have a lot of work experience. What should I put on my profile on professional networking sites?
Think of experience in the broadest possible sense. As a student or recent graduate, you can list internships (paid or unpaid), significant campus leadership positions (e.g., student government, newspaper editor, club president), part-time jobs, campus employment, a significant volunteer role and/or freelance work. As long as you performed professional work and have accomplishments to share, all of these types of roles can be included in your professional network profile. When in doubt, ask a career services professional to review your profile.

Is it okay to connect to recruiters via professional networking websites such as LinkedIn?
There is no specific rule here. Some recruiters are happy to connect with students via professional networking sites and some choose not to do so. A good practice is to ask a recruiter when you meet him or her if you may connect with them on a professional networking site. If you reach out to connect with a recruiter you haven’t met, be sure to customize the connection request to explain who you are and why you’re interested in connecting with that person. Just remember that there are no guarantees whether or not a particular recruiter will respond.

How can you use Twitter in a professional way?
One way to use social media platforms like Twitter professionally is to register an appropriate user name and follow people and companies you admire to see what they’re tweeting about. When you’re ready to join the conversation, remember that anything you post is contributing to your professional reputation. Professional Twitter posts might include sharing articles, talking about events you’re attending, mentioning books you’re reading and retweeting comments from people you admire.

Do recruiters look at prospective candidate profiles on social media sites?
While every company or firm is different, it is best to ensure your profile reflects the personal brand you want a prospective employer to see. You should also make sure you have adjusted your privacy settings so you are only sharing information with your intended audience.

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