Stand Out Online

Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can help you express your brand to a much larger audience. You want people to see the real you in the virtual world. Click the link below to learn more about how to build your brand in bits and bytes.

  1. Online ID Calculator

    After you watch the Stand Out Online video above, visit the Online ID Calculator. With this tool, you can see how your brand currently shows up on the Internet. Once you get your results, watch the Online ID videos to help you complete the exercises in your Personal Brand Workbook.

    Online ID Calculator

There are five measures of online ID:
1) Volume
2) Relevance
3) Purity
4) Diversity
5) Validation
After using the Online ID Calculator, watch the related videos to learn more.

  1. Your Online ID

    Volume and relevance

    Volume and relevance are two important measures of your online brand. Volume speaks to how much content there is about you on the web. Relevance speaks to how consistent the content is with who you say you are. Watch and listen to William Arruda share his thoughts on how you can increase the volume and relevance of your online content.


    The web is a crowded place and often, when someone googles you, they see your content mixed in with content from others who share your name. To build your personal brand, it’s important for others to be able to discern what content is about you. Watch and listen to William Arruda explain techniques for ensuring your Google results are pure.


    When you use diverse media – images, video, etc. – to depict your brand on the web, you paint a 3-D image of your personal brand. In this video, William Arruda shows you how to augment text with multi-media to tell your story in a more interesting and compelling way.


    What you say about yourself online is important. Getting that validated by those who know you is even more important. Learn from William Arruda about the importance of including recommendations, testimonials and endorsements in your online branding activity.

  1. Make your mark

    You have taken a major step toward understanding and expressing your personal brand. Now think about how you are going to integrate your unique promise of value into everything you do, consistently communicate and use it to support your career aspirations. Power up your passions, fuel your purpose, engage you unique strengths and fire up your opportunity engine and enjoy your personal branding journey. We’ll be cheering you on at every milepost. Click the video for some final thoughts.

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Personal Brand Workbook

If you haven’t already, now is a great time to download your Personal Brand Workbook so all your great ideas are captured for your step-by-step action plan.

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