USLT Shadow Experience

Select interns spent the day building relationships with members of our US Leadership Team, including Bob Moritz, US Chairman and Senior Partner. This experience provides interns the opportunity to understand leadership’s vision for PwC US and see the PwC Experience through leadership’s eyes.

US Tax Leader Mark Mendola and PwC Intern Lauren Napleton

US Public Policy Leader Laura Cox Kaplan and PwC Intern Marcos Melendez

  1. Bob Moritz – US Chairman & Senior Partner

    Both Maddy (left) and Victoria (right), PwC winter interns, traveled to NYC to spend the entire day with PwC's US Chairman and Senior Partner, Bob Moritz.

    After leaving the NYC office, Maddy shares, “I learned about the PwC Global Network in a lot more detail than I had ever heard of before and about all the effort our leaders put into logistics and coordination to make that network one of the strongest in the world. I found it unbelievable to learn about how many incredible projects the firm is involved with that aren't widely known. As an Assurance intern off the University of Texas campus, I know PwC for its high quality audit and tax services, but after my USLT experience, I'm excited to have interned with a firm involved with so much more than that.”

    Victoria, a Tax intern from the PwC Boston office, expresses her thoughts on the whole experience: "When I came back to my home office, interns and other employees asked me how the experience was; I found it difficult to put my impression into words. The experience was one that I could never have imagined would be as impactful as it was. I told some of the interns that I closely work with that Bob is a normal guy who that handles responsibility well. I think that visiting Bob and meeting many other members of leadership helped me realize how big PwC is, and how many strategic issues there are on not only a day-to-day basis, but the myriad of topics that are changing hourly. Even a few days after the shadowing, I still find it difficult to adequately describe how fortunate I am to be part of this firm.

  2. Rob Gittings – US Marketing & Sales Leader

    Christian (pictured middle), a Tax intern from the PwC Detroit office, and Robert (pictured left), an Assurance intern from the PwC Denver office, shadowed PwC's Marketing & Sales Leader and Vice Chair, Rob Gittings, for a day in the NYC office.

    After the experience, Christian shares that, "Although I will leave the experience changed in ways that are hard to articulate, what I walked away with is much grander in scale than my individual experience. PwC is not just a firm of rhetoric or a firm of saying the right things to gain a PR victory. Witnessing PwC values implemented in every action and decision was inspirational, but not in the sense I expected. Instead of leaving New York trying to be the next Gordon Gekko, I left with the motivation to make the world a better place. With the leadership, people, and resources at PwC, I couldn't picture a better place to achieve that goal."

    Robert expressed that, "Before I knew it we were at the end of our experience and Christian and I were being chauffeured to LaGuardia Airport to catch our flights home. Truly this was an experience neither of us wanted to end. In the car, we discussed the immensity of our opportunity and how much we truly learned in just eight short hours. I must admit this was the highlight of my internship and great way to start my career with PwC.”

  3. Bill Cobourn - US Markets & Sectors Leader

    Andrew Lief, a Risk Assurance intern from the New York Metro market, had the opportunity to spend a day with Bill Cobourn, the US Market and Sectors Leader, in the New York office. He shares that "the experience provided me with a unique opportunity to get a closer look at the leadership that makes PwC the top professional services firm. I quickly learned that Bill arrives at work every day by 6am to get an early update on the 20 markets and 16 sectors that he oversees. Throughout our time together, Bill spoke with passion about his career, and listened carefully to what everyone had to share. Bill’s sincere attention to my questions, and the candidness of his responses, allowed for a discussion that was both meaningful and thought provoking."

  4. Carol Sawdye - US Chief Financial Officer

    Assurance interns, Cristiano Gomes and Shelby Pelletier, met Carol Sawdye, the US Chief Financial Officer, for an exciting day in New York City. Cristiano, an intern from the Florida market, observed during the day that "PwC is a firm that is positively different from the others. The CEO and partners are completely accessible for anyone inside the firm. Also, I observed that PwC adapts to the situation that the world, as a whole, is facing now. It is excellent for everyone: clients get a better service, and PwC employees get an updated and better understanding about the globe." Shelby, an intern from the Northeast market, remarked that "Carol is one of the most inspiring and talented individuals I have ever met. The way she leads by example and truly understands the situation from another person’s perspective is something I will always take with me. Carol’s enduring optimism is another quality that makes her such a desirable role model. She views each situation as an opportunity rather than an obstacle and is always willing to embrace a challenge. I truly admire Carol’s values, energy, and extraordinary leadership capabilities. Overall, after spending the day with Carol, I felt extremely motivated and excited about what my future holds."

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