US Infrastructure Deals 2012: A supply and demand imbalance

We are pleased to release US Infrastructure Deals 2012, a look at infrastructure investment activity and trends in the US last year, as well as the outlook for 2013 and beyond. We provide data on investment deals by sector and project types, results of a new PwC survey of infrastructure investors, and expert commentary from executives at leading infrastructure funds and pension funds. Our research indicates that:

  • Demand for US infrastructure investments is outpacing the number of deals, leaving some investors disappointed but no less interested in infrastructure assets.
  • Power and energy will continue to offer the most promising areas of opportunity, especially as shale gas reshapes the US energy market.
  • Investors are optimistic that the number of US public-private partnerships will grow over the next few years, encouraged by recent success stories and new infrastructure initiatives in Chicago and other areas of the US.

US infrastructure deals 2012 provides a summary of our insights and observations. We welcome the chance to provide you with more detailed information and guidance about any of the issues presented here.