Power & utilities capital projects

While a high-pressure environment is nothing new in the utilities industries, the current environment is, if anything, even more intense than usual. Regulated and unregulated entities are in competition for capital. Hovering over all this is regulation.

Regulatory compliance considerations in utilities capital projects

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Quantify economic impact of utilities capital projects

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In response to governmental pressure for cleaner power, utilities are:

  • Building out facilities for renewable power generation
  • Modernizing existing fossil-fuel infrastructure
  • Integrating advanced IT, such as smart grids and new ERP systems, to capture, use and safeguard today’s increased data flows.

For some utilities, they must comply with existing regulations, while at the same time trying to anticipate the regulatory future. Whether a regulated or unregulated utility, having a strong governance structure and a control environment is critical, especially for nuclear power plant construction projects.

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