Capturing infrastructure deal value

PwC can help you structure and execute an infrastructure deal to increase your returns on the asset throughout the project lifecycle, manage risks and enhance value to the shareholders and investors.

Careful due diligence and structuring are needed to align deal dynamics with objectives.


  • Does your organization have an integrated approach to accountability, transparency, governance and control throughout the acquisition phase and the project life cycle?
  • If speed is critical, what extraordinary demands, impacts and outcomes should you anticipate and manage, with what tactics?
  • Have you considered current contract and performance provisions in the transaction?
  • If your organization hasn’t undertaken a major capital project lately, are the right organizational framework, systems and controls in place?
  • Have you planned for all tax considerations and tax incentives for infrastructure deals?

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Capture deal value with infrastructure investments

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Realize tax incentives of infra-structure deals

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Successful deals involving public-private partnerships (PPPs). require answers to other key questions:

  • Have you identified potential value enhancements in the project?
  • Do you fully understand the major threats to achieving base cash returns?
  • Given the current climate, have you rigorously considered strategies to enhance returns?
  • Have you considered tax and accounting issues related to your infrastructure transactions?