PwC sponsors the American Nuclear Society Annual Meeting June 24-28, 2012 (Chicago, IL) and exhibits at DD&R and ICAPP 2012

Nuclear Science and Technology: Managing the Global Impact of Economic and Natural Events

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Brooke Traynham, PhD, PwC
McLean, VA.
Tel: 603-717-4707
  Speaking on Monday, June 25 presenting "A Mechanism of Concrete Degradation in Reactor Concrete Structures from Groundwater Infiltration."

Dr. Brooke Traynham brings more than 10 years experience in managing the development and implementation of nuclear and environmental projects to PwC’s Public Sector Energy Team as a subject matter expert. She currently focuses on the challenges of transforming technical expertise into solutions on a variety of projects for key clients at the US Department of Energy (DOE) and US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC).

Among her experience, Dr. Traynham has served as a research scientist within the DOE's Consortium for Risk Evaluation and Stakeholder Participation (CRESP); as an advisor to private utility companies on nuclear reactor safety and environmental management; and has supported the NRC through a variety of both technical and strategic level advisory projects. Dr. Traynham currently serves on the American Nuclear Society's Executive Committee of the Environmental Sciences Division.

Daryl Walcroft
San Francisco, CA
Tel: +1 (415) 498 6512
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  Daryl Walcroft is a civil engineer with over 21 years of program management, project controls, program governance, dispute analysis, project technology and heavy construction project experience on a variety of major capital projects, programs and portfolio's. He has extensive experience advising both owner organizations and contractors undertaking major construction and engineering projects including transportation systems, power plants, oil refineries, buildings, bridges, hospitals, pipelines and stadia.

Peter Totev
Chicago, IL
Tel: +1 (312) 298 4397

Peter is a manager in PwC’s Capital Projects & Infrastructure practice. Peter has seven years of consulting experience in planning, design, procurement, construction, management and dispute resolution in connection with large complex construction projects.

Peter’s specific utility engagement experience includes:

  • Provided continuous internal audit services to evaluate management’s response to, and mitigation of risks for a $2.0B power generation development in Missouri. Risk assessments included cost forecasting, engineering management, quality assurance, vendor performance, procurement bid/award process, and safety enforcement.
  • Conducted a performance audit of the owner’s engineer related to several coal plant environmental upgrade projects in Illinois and Missouri. Areas of review and analysis included design schedule management, design development review and supervision, contractor interface, and a cost audit of engineering fees and expenses.
  • Coordinated a team of professionals developing an automated cost assessment tool and evaluating a budget reforecast for a $3.0B power generation project in Indiana. Designed cost management processes and controls based on different contract types used on the project.
  • Led a construction cost evaluation of two $70M power generation units in Texas. Verified that the costs billed by the general contractor and the largest subcontractor were allowable by the contracts in place, allocable to the project, and actually incurred.
  • Evaluated construction costs and contract compliance on pump station and delivery infrastructure for a Pacific Northwest utility.
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