How are you building a bridge between today’s talent and tomorrow’s skills?

Sixty-two percent of US CEOs plan to increase headcount this year, reflecting an expected pick-up in the US economy. But 70% of US CEOs are concerned about the availability of key skills. As converging trends like globalization and technological shifts bring in new risks, businesses demand more from their workforce and from their HR strategy. And your people are the crux of your success: paramount to realizing every goal , the lynchpin in every change, and the key to achieving sustainable competitive advantage.

Companies can find success through HR consulting guidance combined with the tax, accounting and financial analytics experience that are critical to successful HR and talent strategies.


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HR Innovation

HR Innovation offers advanced thinking about the challenges that should be uppermost on the minds and agendas of organizations and their Human Resources (HR) leaders.


Talent Transformation: 17th Annual CEO Survey

Sixty-two percent of US CEOs plan to increase headcount this year, reflecting an expected pick-up in the US economy in 2014 and certainly contributing to the concerns over talent shortages. What does this mean to talent strategies and long-term workforce plans?


Disruptive innovation in HR: 2013 HR Technology Survey

HR technology is in a state of disruptive innovation. Multiple significant market forces are keeping HR technology departments on their toes; at the same time, these market shifts are providing great opportunities for HR departments to deliver more value. The question is: Will HR departments position themselves to take advantage?


PwC Saratoga’s 2013/2014 Human Capital Effectiveness Report

As the US economy recovers from recession, organizations are experiencing several positive outcomes. For example, employee productivity has increased for the first time in five years, and hiring is trending upward


Putting the success in succession

Succession planning done right sets the growth course. It aligns with talent processes, mends gaps and develops future leaders for success. But too often, it doesn’t get the attention it deserves unless a crisis forces it on the agenda. True planning for the workforce of the future, for the success of the future—means addressing succession planning today.


PwC’s NextGen: A global generational study

Conducted by PwC, the University of Southern California and the London Business School, this study captures the various forces at play that are influencing the experience of Millennial employees.