Business intelligence

The business landscape is shifting to a global, knowledge economy that empowers knowledge workers and must gather information from new sources and through innovative modes.

PwC’s Business intelligence (BI) / Enterprise decision management (EDM) framework: Catalyst for organization transformation
  • Aligns an organization’s people, processes, and data needs to the decision-making processes required to achieve overall strategic and tactical objectives
  • Maintains a strong connection between business, and IT accountability for business intelligence processes, investment and prioritization
  • Designed to converge and coordinate data management, business intelligence, and knowledge management functions
  • Shifts many of the data collection and analysis tasks that are processed manually in individual business units to its cross-functional units
  • Improves the quality of information used by decision-makers throughout the organization
  • Increases company efficiency at transforming raw data into useful material, disseminating information throughout the enterprise, and collecting results from those decisions to improve future outcomes
PwC’s BI/EDM services
  • Enterprise information management (EIM) Roadmap and Implementation
  • Business intelligence and reporting strategy and Implementation
  • BI/EDM framework and data warehousing implementation
  • Data warehouse strategy and implementation
  • Enterprise data modeling
  • Metadata intelligence strategy and implementation
  • Enterprise data governance
  • Strategic decision modeling