What is SocialMind?

SocialMind is a platform designed to discover actionable insights quickly and intuitively using banking consumer data from across various consumer touch points, social posts, blog entries, tweets, review sites and much more.

In this changed landscape, companies must look to drive meaning and discover insights from the unstructured social and web data to understand what drives consumer behavior, loyalty and endorsement.

“Don’t just respond to an individual post but change how your business operates, train and focus your frontline staff; see how can you design and fix your processes to make things go faster and easier for your customers.”
-- Dave Hoffman, Partner, PwC

Consumer conversations through social media, web, blogs, and forums form quickly. They occur across varying social media outlets and across discrete groups.

Companies need a platform that aggregates this consumer data systematically, intelligently, rapidly and applies industry, company product and consumer specific filters to uncover insights and recommendations that can drive business, operations and risk strategies.

This is where SocialMind comes in.