Retail Banking

Retail Banking 2020: Evolution or Revolution?
Insights into the future of the retail banking industry that are important for your actions today, and your plans for the future.

In today's retail banking world, growth, customer loyalty, cost, disruptive new technologies and risk are challenges that banks need to manage simultaneously. When formulating strategy, all of these elements must be considered.

New regulatory requirements, reduced spreads and increased risk management requirements have put enormous pressure on what were once profitable products and customer relationships. While scale at some institutions may allow for increased cost efficiencies, that alone will not drive future growth. New, disruptive technologies such as mobile payments present banks with new opportunities - if they act now, or will become significant challenges.

Improved and more tightly integrated strategies will be required for banks to achieve their growth requirements in this new environment. At PwC we assist many of today's retail banks with their most complex issues. Areas where we can help you include:

  • Retail unit strategy development
  • Sophisticated customer segmentation and analytics development
  • Payments: mobile, credit, debit
  • Channel optimization
  • Bank systems & platforms: strategy, assessment and implementation
  • Product development
  • Lending programs: consumer, commercial
  • Mortgages: issuer and servicer


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