Aircraft valuation services

Industry consolidation, combined with shifting operational and financial models, have put increased emphasis on valuation for companies that own or lease aircraft. Looking beyond a straightforward “appraisal” and taking a more strategic approach to valuation can help companies improve their financial positions. The proposed changes to lease accounting standards have raised the stakes even higher.

PwC perspective

Interrelated issues regarding how aircraft are managed or operated can also impact your approach to aircraft valuation.

  • Doran McClellan, Managing Director

How PwC can help

Within this fast-paced environment, PwC can help you gain an advantage. Our integrated approach to aircraft valuation considers accounting and financial reporting issues—as well as how the aircraft will be operated, maintained and leased. Working with PwC, you receive insight beyond determining “a number to book”.

For more information, contact Doran McClellan or download a PDF describing our approach.

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