Our focus on audit quality

December 2015

At a glance

Our focus on audit quality

Our annual audit quality report provides stakeholders with a transparent look at the foundation of quality in our assurance practice - including the actions we have taken, and will continue to take, to sustain and build upon audit quality.

Our focus on audit quality, PwC's 2015 audit quality report continues our journey to increase transparency by providing  our stakeholders with a clear  look at the commitment to quality in our assurance practice. This year’s report discusses factors that may have an impact on audit quality and where we are making enhancements. We also detail our investments in technology, the development of our people and enhancements in our audit approach. In 2015, PwC again increased the number of voluntarily disclosed Transparency Data Points -- measures that provide greater insight into our audit practice and investments in and focus on quality.

In short, the 2015 report provides meaningful information about the actions we have taken – and continue to take – in support of our commitment to perform high-quality audits -- our highest priority.

We hope you find this report helpful, and our investment in audit  innovation exciting.

PwC's commitment to audit quality