Revenue recognition: Effectively managing accounting change

Adapting to a new five-step model to recognize revenue from customer contracts

How should you plan for the impact of rev rec on tax? 

As the mandatory adoption of new revenue recognition standards under U.S. GAAP and IFRS draws near, tax leaders are now considering the impact for their organizations, including the potentially profound changes in pre-tax accounting. Watch the replay of our recent tax impact webcast, which discusses the new revenue standards and the various downstream consequences for tax planning, disclosure, and cash flow across Federal Tax, State and Local, and Transfer Pricing.

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PwC’s revenue recognition specialists discuss timely challenges and solutions.

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Where do you stand on the path to adoption? See how you compare

As the clock ticks down on the 2018 effective date, organizations are busy completing final preparations to implement the new revenue recognition standard. Where do you stand on the path to adoption? Take our poll and see how you compare.

After submitting your responses you’ll see how others responded to the same questions. Plus, you’ll get access to our interactive tool that shows how organizations in your industry and of a similar size responded to a range of other questions about their approach to adopting ASC 606.

Check back as we’ll be updating this poll over time to track other challenges, impacts and approaches to revenue recognition. You’ll be able to see timely updates to ongoing developments in the final stages of the implementation journey.


A phased approach to revenue recognition change

PwC suggests applying a phased approach to this transformation: assess the accounting impact; identify and implement system, process and control changes; and test the controls. You’ll need to consider program management, organizational change management, potential systems modifications and accounting oversight. PwC can advise and assist with the entire conversion process, and we have developed a suite of project enabling tools to help facilitate it. 


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