US Real Estate Insights: Winter 2015

February 2015
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US Real Estate Insights: Winter 2015

At a glance

In this issue, we are pleased to provide insightful articles in two areas of increased focus within the real estate investing community – the global search for investment opportunities, and the impact of technology and generational preferences on the way commercial real estate is utilized.

This publication provides our perspective on the latest market and economic trends, regulatory activities and legislative changes affecting the real estate industry, as well as informed views of the most current developments in operations, business strategy, taxation, compliance and financing.

Following the financial crisis, many investors grew accustomed to identifying distressed investments as opportunities to enhance returns. In “Identifying real property investment opportunities in Spain,” David Criado and Matthew Rosenberg discuss how, following a severe economic downturn, a combination of structural reforms and a change in the trends of economic indicators has attracted investors to the risk reward profile of distressed investment opportunities within this Eurozone country.

Additionally, in “Where do we grow from here? The impact of millennials on urban real estate,” with input from Richard Barkham, CBRE’s Global Chief Economist, and Winston Fisher, Partner at Fisher Brothers, Willem VanDooijeweert discusses how landlords and corporations may adjust the way they design their commercial real estate spaces and real estate strategies. These changes are influenced by the generational preferences of Millennials as they become a larger percentage of the workforce.

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