US Real Estate Insights: Summer 2015

August 2015
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US Real Estate Insights: Summer 2015

At a glance

This issue continues to build on the theme of investing globally, and features an article that discusses the flow of capital into US markets from foreign investors. In “The New Sources of US Real Estate Capital”, Jack Keating discusses which nations have been investing in the US markets and the challenges these investors face as they increase their allocations to US markets.

Additionally, recent newspaper headlines have been dominated by news of cyber security breaches that have affected corporations and governments. To help address your organization’s cyber security, in “Growing Concerns over Cybersecurity in the Real Estate Sector”, Amandeep Lamba discusses how these threats can impact real estate companies and in turn, how these companies can increase their cyber security resilience.

This publication provides our perspective on the latest market and economic trends, regulatory activities and legislative changes affecting the real estate industry, as well as informed views of the most current developments in operations, business strategy, taxation, compliance and financing.

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