US Real Estate Insights – Summer 2016

August 2016

At a glance

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In “Top 25 Hotel Markets: Room for More Growth Remains”, Abhishek Jain discusses factors that have contributed to either robust performance or underperformance in markets, and growth opportunities in the current economic climate.

Additionally, as the New Year approaches, risk retention regulation will become effective for issuers in the CMBS markets. In “Many Questions Remain for CMBS Risk Retention”, Matt Sekerke discusses how the new regulations may impact issuers, the options available to those market participants to meet the regulatory requirements, and other potential market reactions. As the “wall of CMBS maturities” approaches, the markets will continue to focus on the industry’s response to the regulation and strategies market participants use to refinance coming debt maturities.

This publication provides our perspective on the latest market and economic trends, regulatory activities and legislative changes affecting the real estate industry, as well as informed views of the most current  developments in operations, business strategy, taxation, compliance and financing. 

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