Roadmap for a REIT IPO

December 2011
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A guide for Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) IPOs: PwC

At a glance

The REIT IPO market window is beginning to open and real estate companies need to address IPO processes and timelines, tax planning, structuring, and ongoing compliance, corporate governance, and accounting and internal controls considerations. Challenges to taking a REIT public include selecting and negotiating with investment bankers, managing dividend levels, developing a business strategy, and more. This REIT IPO guide provides help on how to handle these and many more issues.

A summary guide to going public

Going public is a monumental decision. It forever changes how a company does business. Moreover, from a practical standpoint, completing a public offering can be time consuming and expensive and can take substantial management focus away from the day-to-day operations of the company. This is why adequate preparation for a public offering is critical and can be the key to the IPO’s success.

This summary guide has been prepared to assist in completing a REIT IPO and to provide a resource on REIT issues and terminology to those who are new to this area.