Roadmap for a REIT IPO

December 2011

More insights from PwC on the future of real estate

Real Estate 2020: Building the future includes builds on previously researched global megatrends findings, and complements our own Emerging Trends research. We can clearly see the impact of the global megatrends at work in many of the transactions currently affecting the REIT market, including new IPO entrants, REIT conversions and spin-offs.

Emerging trends in real estate 2015 is one of the oldest, most highly regarded annual industry outlook for the real estate and land use industry. It includes interviews and survey responses from hundreds of leading real estate experts, including investors, developers, property company representatives, lenders, brokers and consultants.

Cities of Opportunity 6 analyzes the trajectory of 30 cities, seeking to open a window on what makes cities function best. We also investigate both the urbanization and demographic megatrends that shape our cities.

Cities of Opportunity 6: We the urban people complements our quantitative comparative approach in Cities of Opportunity 6 with an entirely human approach, offering a discrete examination of the demographic factors at work in city life – ages, densities, dependencies and even the preferences of people who make cities live today and thrive tomorrow.

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