PwC Real Estate Investor Survey™ FAQs

Q. How long has the Survey been produced?
A. The release of the first quarter of 2012 marked the Survey's 25th year of production.

Q. Why was the name changed from the Korpacz Real Estate Investor Survey?
A. The Survey's name was changed with the release of the fourth quarter 2010 issue to better reflect PwC's commitment to the Survey's growth and evolution. PwC has held the copyright to the publication since the third quarter of 1999.

Q. When is the Survey distributed?
A. The Survey is distributed around the middle of the month that ends each quarter (mid March, June, September, and December).

Q. Are hard copies of the Survey available?
A. The Survey is only provided to subscribers in a PDF format.

Q. What markets and property sectors are covered in the Survey?
A. There are 32 markets included in each quarterly issue covering three national retail markets (regional mall, power centers, strip shopping center), two national office markets (central business district and suburban), two national industrial markets (warehouse and flex/R&D), the national apartment market, the national net lease market, the national medical office buildings market, and 18 individual office markets. In addition, there are three regional apartment markets and one regional warehouse market covered each quarter. A national lodging market and four individual hotel segments are included in the first and third quarters of the Survey while a national development land market is included in the second and fourth quarters.

Q. How much does a one-year subscription cost?
A. The cost of an annual subscription is based on the number of users within a company. Pricing is detailed on the website ordering page. All one-year subscriptions receive a complimentary copy of Emerging Trends in Real Estate®.

Q. Are historical copies of the Survey available?
A. Some historical issues can be purchased from the website. To inquire about older issues, or to purchase historical data in Excel format, please call +1 (800) 654 3387.

Q. How do I subscribe?
A. To subscribe, please visit the website or call +1 (800) 654 3387.

Q. How are the overall cap rates and discount rates calculated in the Survey?
A. The data contained in the Survey is not calculated by PwC. It is provided to us from a cross section of major institutional equity real estate investors who invest primarily in institutional-grade property.