PwC's Professional Development Program 2015 Annual Publication

The Professional Development Program 2015 catalogue
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Helping you close the skill gap challenges affecting your talent

PwC’s Professional Development Program (PDP) is pleased to present the 2015 curriculum and service summary. The latest Training Industry report1 indicates that budgets are on the rise and that priorities in 2015 will be centered on increasing effectiveness of training programs, increasing learner usage and reducing costs by improving efficiency. One way we have seen organizations reduce costs has been by outsourcing components of training development to service providers thereby reducing the infrastructure to support learning.

Changes in workforce demographics including the shift created by the retirement of the baby boomers will likely have a large impact to loss of institutional knowledge if appropriate succession planning is not strategically planned and executed. Coupled with the lack of training over the last seven years due to economic pressure and budget constraints, most US CEO’s continue to wonder whether they will achieve their business goals due to skill/talent gaps. The skill gap issue is real. It is here today inside organizations and training should be a strategic imperative to help close the gap. Developing talent to perform in new roles, meet new regulatory and compliance standards, and be innovative will likely require aligning a learning strategy with the overall business strategy.

PwC’s Professional Development Program has been serving training needs of our clients for over 25 years and we are here to help you with a variety of services including role-based and technical needs assessments, learning path development, review of training curricula, development of customized performance improvement and role-based training, train-the-trainer, and performance improvement evaluation solutions. We can assist you with your prioritization of your learning strategy and assist you in developing a long-term plan around your training needs to work within your budget. To help you to maximize your training investment we offer solutions designed to address skill gaps, not just check the box solutions.

We continue to expand our library of technical courses and virtual solutions to address current industry issues in direct response to your feedback. We value our relationship with you and very much look forward to serving your learning needs this year. We thank you for your interest and participation in the PDP