David Wu

David Wu

Senior Partner for Beijing, PwC China
PwC North China Markets Leader
PwC China Government and Regulatory Affairs Leader

David Wu is a member of PwC China’s Management Board, and also holds the following leadership roles: Beijing Senior Partner, North China Markets Leader, and China Government and Regulatory Affairs Leader.

David was a key player in developing and executing the roadmap for reforming China’s state-owned banks in 2003. He was one of the lead partners advising Bank of China on its reforms from 2003 to 2006, assisting with the resolution of problem assets, recapitalisation, introduction of strategic investors, and the bank’s successful IPO. He also led the audit for the Postal Savings Bank of China and helped the bank complete its corporate restructuring in 2011.

David works closely with the ministries and government agencies that oversee China’s accounting profession, financial services industry and capital markets. He has in-depth understanding of the Chinese regulatory and market landscape, as well as the latest developments in China’s accounting industry.

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