Anti-money laundering publications

Sanctions: Will the Trump administration stay the course? - February 2017
What to expect in the 2017 sanctions landscape.

Sanctions: Circumvention methods under scrutiny - November 2016
Financial institutions should be on the lookout for eight sanctions circumvention typologies.

AML outsourcing: You’re still on the hook - August 2016
Three lessons from FINRA’s largest ever AML enforcement action.

Sanctions: Recent action on North Korea - July 2016
FinCEN’s proposed rule forces banks to choose between doing business with the US or doing business with North Korea.

AML monitoring: New York regulator gets prescriptive - July 2016
DFS issues the first formal regulation on transaction monitoring and filtering programs.

AML: Who is your customer? FinCEN wants you to know - May 2016
Last week’s final rule establishes the first prescriptive obligation to know the beneficial owners of your customers.

Bank fraud: Old defenses won’t stop new threats - April 2016
Ten key steps for preventing fraud attacks.

Hacks and leaks in the news: Four key AML steps for banks - April 2016
Knowing the ultimate beneficial owners of your clients has never been more necessary.

Sanctions: Cuba restrictions falling - April 2016
OFAC’s new rules create new business opportunities for financial institutions.

Iran sanctions and beyond: Avoiding the rising fines - February 2016
The shifting regulatory landscape presents four key challenges for financial services firms.

AML: Do you really know your customer? - January 2016
Financial institutions should begin implementing FinCEN's proposed KYC requirements.

Anti-Money Laundering: Know Your Customer Quick Reference Guide - January 2016
The Know Your Customer (‘KYC’) quick reference guide provides easy access to detailed AML and KYC information for 80 different countries.

Global Sanctions: Evaluating and managing the changing landscape - November 2015
Changes in the regulatory landscape are causing many financial institutions to re-evaluate their approach to sanctions compliance.

Asset Managers: AML ready? - September 2015
Expect new SEC anti-money laundering enforcement.

AML global alignment: Two steps forward, one step back - June 2015
The EU's new AML directive improves global harmonization but presents new challenges.

Sanctions: US and EU action on Ukraine - March 2014
US and EU economic sanctions on Ukraine require action from banks.

The AML and OFAC Domino Effect: Turmoil in North Africa and the Middle East - March 2011
Recent uprisings in Egypt and Tunisia, unrest in other North African and Middle Eastern countries threatens others. In this environment, forward-looking AML and OFAC compliance teams must not only react to news as it is published, but also should proactively seek to isolate and monitor the risks to their institutions from these recent events.