Reimagine Forecasting: High stakes decision making for CFOs

May 2016

Reimagining forecasting may seem like a gratuitous exercise in crystal ball design, but it is becoming a critical step that companies should take to maintain their positions as market-leading organizations.

Unlocking the power of data for the CFO

April 2016

Under pressure to be more strategic and efficient, the CFO role is changing. This shift brings data analytics to the forefront. CFOs who do not rely on data analysis in all aspects of their decision making are increasingly aware of its potential.

10Minutes on people analytics

March 2016

Big business decisions don’t commonly include people analytics—but they should. Learn how data about your people can shape your business strategy.

CIO Dashboard Blog: Information Architecture

March 2016

PwC's Oliver Halter and Ritesh Ramesh talk about how businesses need a comprehensive, results-driven and forward-thinking strategy to enable their data and analytics capabilities

2016 CEO Survey: Data and Analytics

March 2016

CEOs believe their companies are getting better at creating value from data and analytics. They’re seeing smarter use of data and better delivery of the right information at the right times.

Unlock data possibilities for competitive advantage

February 2016

Data and Analytics insights increase the speed and sophistication of decision making. Have you embedded analytics into the decision making culture of your organization?

Ushering in the Next Generation of Information Architecture

February 2016

Businesses need to adapt by adopting a forward-looking information management and analytics vision to succeed.

Tax Function of the Future

December 2015

Unlocking the power of data and analytics: Actionable, data-driven insights can lead to extraordinary results

Unlocking data possibilities for more sophisticated and speedier decisions

December 2015

CEOs recognize the strategic importance of data. Embedding analytics into their decision-making culture can help organizations grow, operate more efficiently and manage risks.

Understanding customer value in banking through data-led analysis

December 2015

Leveraging data and analytics to increase the speed and sophistication of your decision-making helps banks operate more effectively, better manage their risk, innovate and grow.

Data and Analytics: Creating or destroying shareholder value?

September 2015

Data and analytics has the potential to be a disruptor and impact shareholder value. The data and analytics operating model drives the difference between leaders and laggards.