Mission critical


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Mission critical

A close look at the aerospace and defense industry reveals a tale of two sectors.

Kristen Gemeny

“We try to create an environment that’s conducive to the kind of mentoring we want to happen.”

Rajeev Bhalla

“No matter what’s going on in the industry, you can’t take a sabbatical on innovation. You just have to make it more affordable.”

Drew Perez

“Pick any vertical, and you find a problem with too much data in too many places. The core issue remains sense-making.”

Tom Crimmins

“That’s what’s so tough about the current environment— we have some sense of where the cuts may hit, but we could be blinded-sided in this unpredictable market.”

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Inflight adjustment:

Dave Wajsgras,
senior vice president and CFO of Raytheon Company

“It has always been about laying a solid foundation and building on it with each new opportunity.”

— Dave Wajsgras

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Data driven:

Jim Reagan,
senior vice president and CFO of The SI Organization, Inc.

“Data analytics have almost countless uses, but aren’t useful to a customer unless you marry the data with the right application.”

— Jim Reagan

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Taking flight:

Gary Spulak,
president of Embraer Aircraft Holding, Inc.

“Throughout our history, we’ve followed our customers’ lead, which means our story is really the story of the aviation industry.”

— Gary Spulak

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Fueling success in 2013 and beyond

After a decade of upside, the aerospace and defense industry must now respond to tighter budgets and changing priorities.