Reading, writing and arithmetic

PwC Alumni:
Reading, writing and arithmetic

Keyword goes back to school with alumni in academia to learn how colleges and universities are making the grade.

PwC Alumni: Meet
the matchmakers

Megan Lynam knows that the road to satisfaction starts with knowing what you want. "You really need to think about who you are and the environments in which you flourish."
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PwC Alumni: Switching stations

Candy Capel moved up and down the dial before finding a way to combine her passion for education, communication and public service at WVAS, a college radio station licensed to Alabama State University. Read more

Paying for college

At the University of Texas Austin, Kevin Hegarty is helping keep university finances on track.
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Real-world lessons

Auditing is in a constant state of flux. You have to keep up with the latest trends and developments, not only to better educate yourself, but also to pass that information along to your students, says James Flagg. Read more

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Paying for college

Rising costs, shrinking public appropriations and booming demand are spurring three university CFOs to find creative pathways to growth.