That process of taking the seemingly impossible and making it possible is one reason that I’m happy to introduce this issue of Keyword.

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Bob Moritz
We’re committed to building and
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I can still remember my family’s first personal computer. The box was big; the processing power was small. We were amazed by how those thin floppy disks could open up a world of opportunity by increasing our productivity and allowing us to engage with some of the earliest digital entertainment. Over the past few decades I’ve watched in awe as the technology industry has transformed itself and, in turn, our lives. And just when I think the cycle of invention and innovation has slowed, fascinating breakthroughs come along to drive the industry forward and place ever-smarter devices in the palms of our hands and put an increasingly connected world at our fingertips.

That process of taking the seemingly impossible and making it possible is one reason that I’m happy to introduce this issue of Keyword. Our accomplished alumni working in the technology industry is another. Today, the industry represents much more than the simple circuits and drives that gave life to my family’s original computer. Hardware and software, peripherals and semiconductors, networks and storage, the Internet and cleantech, all represent the multifaceted and forwardthinking companies that are engaged in helping us reach our personal and professional goals through technology.

Early investments by venture capitalists were instrumental for many of the most successful technology companies. That’s why, for this issue, we sat down with four alumnae working at VC partnerships that continue to move the technology industry forward. Established companies also have an important story to tell, and we were happy to speak with three alumni working at leading technology companies, each with a global reach. Rounding out Keyword is an important thought leadership piece on the risks and benefits of cloud computing, a timely Q&A with a crisis management expert and, finally, a former PwC partner reveals how his passion for the wine industry changed his destiny.

The publication of Keyword also coincides with the launch of a comprehensive new look for PwC. While a new logo and colors don’t change the heart of a company, I do believe that an organization’s visual expression should reflect its culture and what it stands for. We believe our new look expresses our values and the commitment to building and supporting client relationships. Our clients have told us that we’re at our best when we listen closely to them, understand their goals and objectives, unleash the full power of the firm by sharing our expertise, and ultimately help them create value. And that’s exactly what we are committed to do.


Signature: Rbert Moritz

Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC US firm