March 11th

SXSW Interactive 2014 has come to a close. Reflect back on the week and read a few words from PwC’s Jake McKee, Principal, Social Business Leader - PwC Advisory, recapping our week at SXSW:

PwC was a walking, talking digital engagement at SXSW Interactive 2014, the largest conference of its kind. All week long PwC showed that we cut through the noise by delivering the types of services people needed exactly when and how they needed them

PwC's program at SXSW included connecting with selected attendees through a Social Media Listening Center via our @PwC_Live twitter handle. Based on the thousands of tweets we received, PwC’s Rapid Response Team was able to react immediately to special requests. These requests included everything from delivering mobile chargers or umbrellas to providing bike-limos (pedicabs) free of charge. For SXSW speakers, PwC created a first of its kind experience; PwC transformed the Speaker Green Room into a memorable place to charge and re-charge.

Just like we do every day for our clients, we navigated the digital landscape to seamlessly deliver what SXSW attendees needed. We identified what services to offer by utilizing our digital, social and consulting skills.

While PwC is anything but new to the interactive scene, we were in Austin to prove ourselves as a significant player in digital, social, mobile, innovation and technology. PwC will continue to emulate our actions at SXSW as we cut through the noise by helping companies to better balance technology with standout customer experiences.

We’re already looking forward to SXSW Interactive 2015.