Jake McKee

As a principal at PwC, Jake McKee is an evangelist for online and offline community building, social customer engagement, social media and customer-company interaction. He has been working with online communities, fan groups and consumer groups since the early days of the Internet, and he has a rich background in Web development, community management, business strategy and product development.

Jake joined PwC when the company he co-founded, Ant's Eye View, was acquired in 2012. At Ant's Eye View, Jake served as the Chief Innovation Officer, and he helped build internal training capabilities and tested new technologies and ideas for client readiness. He has worked extensively with major clients, as well as in customer collaboration, online communities, fan group relations and web, mobile and product development.

Before Ant’s Eye View, Jake was the Global Community Relations Specialist for a global game company, and he was key in returning the company to creativity, core building and, most importantly, profitability.

Jake is also an amateur photographer in Ausitn, Texas.


Jake McKee
Principal, Social Business Leader - PwC Advisory