Andrew Zolli Event

Andrew Zolli spoke to a group of industry leaders, who were eager to learn more about the present & future of the interactive space, at a small gathering hosted by PwC. His talk, held on Sunday, March 10th, tied back to what these leaders were experiencing during their week at SXSW.

Here are some of the key takeaways:

Forecasting: Andrew discussed the positive and negative disruptions that make forecasting so difficult. He explored the problems faced when identifying change that is happening at the wrong place or speed. He observed that while fast forms of change get the most attention, it is the slow-moving changes that often have most of the power.

Technology: Andrew outlined how technology pathways that move in opposite directions make technologies more powerful and less expensive. The accelerating curve of powerful new forms of capacity gives us a world of big data, big analytics and more raw computing power while the decelerating cost per unit of capacity has made rapid, low-cost and iterative, agile innovation possible.

Connectivity: Andrew explored what ubiquitous connectivity might mean to the world of brands. Where once brands stood "in the gap" between consumers and producers, new digital technology has radically closed that gap. This has driven whole enterprises from having brands that are siloed, tangible, push-oriented, function-focused and asynchronous to brands that are integrated, intangible, pull-driven, culturally-relevant and real-time. He explored ways organizations might adapt their structure and culture in response to this new radical intimacy.

Networks: Andrew examined how we're often blind to the ways networks work by sharing examples of companies that are harnessing data and network analytics to drive new kinds of behaviors and new wins in the marketplace.

Andrew’s talk helped participants leave SXSW with a sharper (and sometimes surprising) picture of what technologies and approaches are most likely to resonate in the future. PwC was fortunate to have him as our guest speaker.

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Andrew Zolli
Author of Resilience: Why Things Bounce Back, PopTech Founder & Strategic Advisor