Green Room & Lounge

This is the idea sanctuary.

PwC created the ultimate idea sanctuary, the #GreenRoom, as a place for SXSW speakers and VIP guests to go to relax and rejuvenate before their big events.

The Green Room & Lounge was the designated areas for some of SXSW's great thinkers to get ready for their close ups in a relaxing environment.

Guests recharged their bodies and minds at the juice bar or in a massage chair as they recharged their devices at the charging stations. The space was a stimulating and refreshing environment comprised of bamboo walls and fresh plants; creating the perfect atmosphere to relax before a big event.

The #GreenRoom photo booth was ready and waiting to capture the moments right before worlds were rocked. Follow us @PwC_Live to catch up on the behind the scenes action from the photo booth.

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