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Industries varied widely when it came to rating their Digital IQ, with the Technology industry leading the pack.

How do industries differ in their Digital IQ—how they understand, value, and weave technology throughout the enterprise? See our industry findings below.


80% of CEOs in automotive companies are active champions of information technology.

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Energy & mining

Robotics are strategically important technologies today and tomorrow.

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Entertainment, Media & Communications

Technological breakthroughs and innovative thinking are critical to solving industry business issues.

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Financial Services

Business and IT executives disagree on industry Digital IQ.

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Healthcare CEOs are digital champion leaders.

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Industrial Products

Industrial Products CIO-CMO collaboration needs work.

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Power & Utilities

Power & Utilities lead in CIO-CMO collaboration.

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Retail & Consumer

Retail & Consumer companies lag in Digital IQ.

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Technology industry tops the Digital IQ rankings.

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