Industrial Products

Industrial Products
“We have recently started taking digital seriously. Before then it was considered a fad. “
IT Executive, Industrial Products, France

How digital is the Industrial Products industry?

Here’s what we learned from our Digital IQ respondents:

  • Industrial Products needs more digital conversations. The strength of relationship between the CIO and CMO in the Industrial Products industry is notably lower than the overall percentage (43% vs. 51% average). The CIO-CMO relationship is so important because a great many digital technology initiatives like those for mobile apps or customer analytics are driven by marketing needs.

  • Digital IQ rating needs work. 53% of Industrial Products respondents rated their organization’s Digital IQ as strong. This is lower than the overall average of 63% and the second lowest Digital IQ of all industries.

  • Industrial products companies are least concerned about keeping up with technology. Less than two-thirds (65%) of Industrial Products companies are concerned with their inability to quickly understand and adopt information technologies needed to be competitive, compared with 74% of companies overall.
Industrial Product CIOs amd CMOs need to communicate more

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